Tiger Woods WD From THE PLAYERS

Tiger Woods WD From THE PLAYERSLast week Tiger Woods pulled out of THE PLAYERS. (Insert your immature sexual commentary here.) Tiger played nine holes, fired a 42, and WD from the event complaining of knee problems. This should come as no surprise, as he has already had two surgeries on the same knee. I do find it funny that he has pulled out of the same event, held at TPC Sawgrass, two years in a row. Last year he WD due to a slipped disc. But this year, he hobbled his way around 9 holes and ended up leaving early Thursday afternoon.

Tiger also complained about issues with his Achilles tendon. Not sure what the scoop is there, but apparently he was trying to NOT hurt his knee further and ended up causing more damage. If you remember, back in April at Augusta he hurt himself late in the tournament. He still managed to take 4th place. Granted, he has won a major with a broken leg. (Literally, his leg was technically considered broken.)

So what does this mean for Tiger? Just this week he said he would be playing in the US Open. But is he ready? He hasn’t won in nearly two years, and is making a fool of himself on the golf course. I knew as soon as he pulled out of THE PLAYERS that the media would have a field day. If you watch his post round interview, the guy just seems pissed off at everyone.

If the guy is truly hurt, then fine… leave him alone. I know that I won’t watch golf unless he is playing. I know I’m not alone on that one, either. There is a lot of speculation that Tim Finchem forced Tiger into playing in THE PLAYERS. Of course, Finchem denies this all day long, but think about… how many more tickets to you think they sold to that event simply because Tiger was playing? Tiger Woods isn’t bigger than golf, I’m not saying that… but he is the reason a lot of people even give the game a chance.

So what should Tiger do? I think he needs to take a step back, and get right… get right with himself. The marriage is over, and he has moved on. Of course, he’s dating his agent’s daughter… but still. (I do think its funny she is only 22 years old and looks JUST like Elin.) He needs to get his knee healthy, and get his mind back in it. Bubba Watson called him out last week. And he was right… Tiger is not the same man he was last year, let alone whom he was when he first came out on tour.

Tiger, if you are reading this… take the rest of the year off. No one is afraid of you anymore, and that’s okay. Get healthy, both physically and mentally, and let’s come back in 2012. Win your final few majors, and retire as the greatest player in the world. You have 10, maybe 12 competitive years left. Don’t waste them hurt watching from the sidelines. Spend those years breaking Jack’s record and winning golf tournaments.

Will Tiger still break Jack’s record?