Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Pitto

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with PittoLook at him… he just looks like a hoot! When I was first introduced to Pitto, I’m not sure what impressed me more… his music or his apparent antics. The guy just looks like he has the time of his life, on and off stage. I wasn’t familiar with his work until just recently, but I am glad that I was introduced. I can’t get enough of it! He has a new album out, and I can’t put it down. The disc starts with some creepy dialog, and then you are just hit with a ton of great tunes. The album photography is pretty solid too. I just can’t say enough about this guy. The release is titled Objects In a Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, and takes the listener on a journey of some pretty deep stuff. There is just so much emotion being poured out from one track to the next. It was a pleasure for me to sit down and learn more about Pitto.

I have no idea if I am even pronouncing it right, but what’s with the name? Is that your actual name?

It’s not my actual name, though it is a bit. It’s a nickname friends gave me when I was a teenager. Ages ago! My last name is Kersjes (cherries). So Pitto is actually the stone of cherry. And I sort of got used to it as my surname.

Objects in the mirror ARE closer than they appear. Tell me a little bit more about the new release? By the way, I LOVE it. I can’t get it out of my head.

Well thanks for the compliment! It’s been in my head for two/three years. It was a long working process and I’m more than happy that it’s finally released! And very proud on all the artists I worked with.

Your sound is VERY unique. I dare you to describe your work in one word?


Childhood Storage is creepy and I love it. Did you write that story?

I was attending a museum fashion exhibition. And I heard this voice somewhere. It attracted me like a magnet. I sat down at an art movie made by Anna Nicole Ziesche. It’s called childhood storage. It immediately entered my state of consciousness and stayed there for a while. So I contacted her and explained what it did to me and asked if I could use it for my album. And she was excited about it! It’s a nice example how art influences art in a way. I’m very proud of the result!

Speaking of Anna, this album has a ton of work with female vocals. Why did you choose to use female vocals instead of male vocals?

Actually, it wasn’t a real choice to use a lot of female vocals. It just grew in a certain way. And some tracks are very powerful with a female voice.

Do you write all your own lyrics for your tunes?

Most lyrics are written by the singer who actually sings the track, like for instance, Alice Rose and Leonie Muller are great writers. I’m really jealous of that gift. And sometimes I got a headache compiling it all together in the best way. Because it was all to good…

You sing on a few tracks on your album. Which ones?

Walking by the Sea and Every Second of U.

You work with the Green/Rejected labels, run by Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal. Actually, you and Joris are friends if I’m not mistaken? I had the chance to sit down with him last year before the Electric Zoo Festival. Tell me a little bit more about your relationship with him?

I’ve known Joris for more than ten years. He sort of introduced me to the first residency where I was playing as a DJ ten years ago and now he is releasing my first album. It was his idea; actually, to do a whole album because I sent him a bunch of tracks and even knowing the fact they were sketches, he had faith in it. So of course I’m grateful for that. It’s great to see how he managed to get where he is now and that’s a lot of hard work! I have respect for him as an artist and as a friend. I mustn’t forget to mention Edwin Oosterwal, label manager and a great artist too, who had to deal with me the last two years!

Your music is so inspiring and emotional. Where do you come up with this stuff? Where do you get your inspiration for a new track?

Inspiration I can get in many ways. Like for instance, the ‘childhood storage’ collaboration and working with all these great musicians. But the main inspiration for the album is love. Love for music, love for people. Music with a soul is what counts for me.

Following on from the last question, who are some of your biggest influences in both music and in life?

For music too many, too many, sorry! In life a lot of people who made my life as it is. A lot of close friends and a lot of people who support me and some people in particular who should know it – “love” – to you.

Sexvibe was your first release, and it wasn’t that long ago. Then in 2009 you had another release. How often are you wanting to release tunes?

I have a huge amount of tracks and a huge amount of unreleased material. Sometimes, it’s a pity, but I’m not aiming on releasing as much as I can, though. I’m more interested in putting out music, which really has something to say.

What’s the biggest crowd you have ever played for?

4,000? Maybe 5. It’s hard to say. Quality not quantity is what counts.

The smallest?

One… myself. (Laughs)! For hours and hours! Sometimes I dance a bit. Sometimes I try to catch my own energy in the room.

I LOVE your website. I am not sure I have ever seen someone do that with a website. Who designed your site?

Haha thx.. well I did it myself. Just fooling around with flash. Just flash pitto….
It was a real pain in the ass. Updating is not my strongest talent.

I am looking at some photos of you and I don’t get it – no legs? Those photos are awesome though. What’s the meaning behind those pictures?

Well the costume (made by Digna Poelman) is made especially for the album artwork. On the sleeve you see a model wearing it, because I didn’t want to be on the sleeve as THE ARTIST. The photo though is a press photo made by Mo Barends. It was just a quick photo-shoot and we had fun about the idea of my legs being gone. The album artwork is also something I’m very proud of. There was a whole team working on it with Sue Doeksen as the art director.

How do you think social media has helped you promote your music?

I think it’s a very nice tool to have a bond with people you are close with. In a way of course it helped in promoting music, because people can easily share music.

Where you originally from?

East of Holland, from a very small town called Ruurlo, near Borculo and Lochem. Don’t forget to sneak into the maze when you go there : )

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I really don’t have any idea.. Let’s focus on 2011!

When this is all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for? What would be your legacy?

Just a nice human, down to earth, a bit weird a bit fun, a bit odd, but for sure with a big heart.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

BIG Love to you all! See you at Stekker Fest 2011