Real Vegas: Fremont Street Experience

Real Vegas: Freemont Street ExperienceIf you have never been to Vegas before, you would know Fremont Street for several things… the Golden Nugget is one reason. It’s located downtown, as well as many other famous hotels and casinos. There are also a ton of great bars up and down the street. This is old school Vegas, where all the old timers hang out… and still do. The street is actually now covered with lights… and a light show that goes off every hour on the hour until the wee hours of the morning. On our most recent trip, I really wanted Sheryl to see this.

We got there just before one of the shows was about to start… and we were both impressed by the lights and the sounds above us. I even took a video on my phone. From there we made our way to some random hotel and casino for a bite to eat. Neither one of us had eaten since lunch, and were both starving. I grabbed a Jägerbomb before we headed to dinner. It was $5… the cheapest shots in Vegas. No, really… they are probably the cheapest shots in Vegas.

The place we ended up eating… where did we end up eating? I have no idea! But Sheryl was just excited to get a beer and a doughnut for $5. I ended up getting Chinese food. I mean, what beats Chinese food at 3 in the morning? (That’s actually 6:00 AM back here in Indiana. There is a three-hour time difference.) The food was good, but we didn’t want to gamble. We had seen all we needed to see on Fremont Street. But it was time for one more stop.

I have been to Vegas, oh… tons of times. Yet I have never seen the “welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign. I know, right? So we headed to the sign for one more iconic photo opportunity. After we saw the sign we called it a night, and Alicia was kind enough to take us back to the hotel. Our first day was in the books… welcome to Las Vegas, baby!