Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, NevadaNo better place to start blogging about my recent trip to Las Vegas than on a four-hour plane ride home. The weekend was great; don’t get me wrong. But there are a LOT of things that didn’t go as planned. Perhaps that’s our own fault for making so many plans. We literally had it planned from the moment we got there – from the restaurants we were eating at to the clubs were going to. Needless to say, things quickly fell apart.

We got into town on Friday night around 7:30; we both had to work that day so we couldn’t really leave any earlier than that. We actually got in on time, and were ready to start dancing before we even got to the hotel. (You know, rather than wrapping this entire trip into one blog post… I’m going to write several. That way you aren’t bored scrolling to the good parts! I’ll just start by setting up the trip, and chatting a little bit about our accommodations.)

Doing Vegas Right

We both had been to Vegas before, but this time I wanted to do it right… Show Sheryl Vegas the right way. The last time we were in Sam’s Town it was for a short weekend, we had a long delay in Indianapolis, and just didn’t have a good time. This trip we stayed at Harrah’s, right in the middle of the strip, and were determined to see and do as much as we could. The hotel was great, big room, and comfy beds. (Yes, we slept while in Vegas!)

The line to check in took some time… Perhaps that was a precursor for the lines we would wait in all weekend long. After checking in, we freshened up and headed to O’Sheas… Hands down my favorite bar in Vegas. They have beer pong in the back, so we grabbed two pitchers of beer and played a game by ourselves. We were waiting for my friends Alicia and Jeremy to join us for a night out. Remember we had both worked an 8-hour shift and had a 4-hour flight. We were tired when we got there.

We played a few games of beer pong then decided to head downtown. Alicia actually lives in Vegas. She works on the show Human Nature, currently on stage at Imperial Palace. So she knows her way around town. She also has a car! Speaking of cars, did you know that it doesn’t cost to park anywhere in Las Vegas? Did you know that valet is also free at all the hotels on the strip? Granted, it’s a long walk to the hotel/casino from the parking garage, but not that far!

Regardless we made it to Las Vegas safe and sound, and were ready for a night out with some good friends. But before we headed downtown, we had to make a few stops… First up was my personal Graceland… Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. But I will save that story for another time… a LOT happened in Vegas over Memorial Day weekend… I need to space it out a little bit. I plan on writing a few blogs to recap our weekend in Sin City.)