Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Knox Hamilton

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Knox HamiltonBrad Titus sent me a Tweet a couple weeks ago… he wanted me to interview a band he was friends with. I hadn’t heard of the band, but I couldn’t wait to interview them. Brad introduced me to the guys on Twitter, and before long we had an interview scheduled. That’s when I went to listen to the tunes… and was immediately impressed with their tunes. I am a HUGE fan of bands like Matt & Kim, yet that genre is so hard to fit into. There is a certain key elements that a band needs to fit into that mold, yet still sound good… and this band has it. (Perhaps it’s the lyrics, or the way that the lyrics sound from the lips of the lead singer… I’m not sure. Regardless, this band has it.) This band also has a very unique and fitting style. Just looking at their photos, even their album covers you can tell this band is performing the right style of music. Their lyrics are real, written from the heart, and they have been able to turn a love for music into a project that I can’t get enough of. Without further adieu, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the boys in Knox Hamilton. Thanks again for the introduction Brad!)

So you guys know Brad Titus? How did you meet him? He’s quite the character!

(Cory) I met Brad through a couple of mutual friends on Twitter. He’s a smart guy… a total political instigator but a good guy nonetheless.

Knox Hamilton? Where did that come from? It’s catchy; unique.

(Boots) It’s my birth name.

(Cobo) We were flipping through an old yearbook at a thrift store and came across some guy named Knox Hamilton. We thought it was cool, so we adopted it.

Where are you guys originally from?

(Brad) Little Rock

(Cobo) Texas

(Boots) I was conceived in Louisiana and born in Texas.

(Drew) Wyoming but grew up in Little Rock.

(Cory) “Texas forever”.

Do you have jobs outside of music?

(Cobo) I work in the government and that’s all I can say about that.

(Boots) Yes, I am a maintenance man at Kroger.

(Brad) I teach English and film at a couple of local colleges.

(Drew) I don’t really do… much.

(Cory) I also work in the government but I’m sure I’ll be fired after this interview. I also do freelance writing and run a website called that takes up some of my time.

Your sound is pretty sick… sick in a good way. I am trying to figure out who you sound like. But I can’t place it… maybe a little Gabe Dixon. Regardless, who are some of your favorite bands?

(Cory) Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, The Killers, Lupe Fiasco, The Wonders, Spoon, Del Paxton, The Temper Trap.

(Brad) Coldplay, Keane, Radiohead, really anything from across the pond.

(Cobo) I don’t really listen to music… besides Rod Stewart.

(Boots) Mew, mewithoutYou, The Beatles, Talib Kweli and anything they play in Kroger.

(Drew) Barbara Streisand, T-Rex Chicken, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Feido.

Really digging that album cover. Who designed that? Is there a meaning behind the record player?

(Brad) It’s the first thing that came up on ClipArt.

How do you guys know each other? Where did you all meet?

(In unison) Church

(Boots) Can Cobo and I classify ourselves as twins and say we met in the womb?

(Cobo) No.

You classify yourself as “indie”. What does it mean to be indie?

(Cory) To try WAAAY harder than you should.

(Brad) We’re classified as indie? We should change it.

(Boots) We’re neo-lounge.

Your marketing yourselves well… on the social sites, that is. (I am sure you are doing something offline too!) You have a website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… how do you keep all those social sites straight?

(Boots) Two words… Drew Buffington.

(Cory) Drew handles all of that. He does a great job.

Speaking of your website, you are using Tumblr. Why did you decide to use that content management system? (We are actually using that CMS for 1001 Bottles.)

(Cory) It’s just the easiest to use. Quite a few of our fans are on there so it’s just simpler.

Tell me more about the mosquito repellent drive. That is such a great idea, by the way.

(Brad) We collect the repellent because the mosquitoes are supposed to be really bad this year after all the flooding and we wanted to help the homeless of Little Rock out anyway we can.

What’s the biggest crowd you have ever played for?

(Cory) We played a benefit for a young woman who had cancer a month or so ago. There was probably between 150 and 200 people there.

What about the smallest?

(Boots) We played a show last week. Sixteen people were there. That was probably it.

If you could play only one song for the rest of your career, which song would you pick? It can be a cover song, that’s okay too!

(Boots) Gentleman by mewithoutYou.

(Cobo) Numb by Empathy.

(Brad) Hard To Explain by The Strokes.

(Cory) Lover, You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley.

I LOVE that photo on your website. Where was that taken? (And are those TOMS I see there?)

(Cobo) We took it at our church. We have a youth lounge and it seemed like a good place.

(Cory) I hate that picture but only because I’m not in it.

(Drew) Love my TOMS.

What’s the meaning behind, “Music on purpose”?

(Drew) We give all of our proceeds to multiple non-profit organizations around the state so we like to think we have a purpose behind our music.

Is Brad really a college professor?

(Cobo) I got this, Brad. Yeah, he is.

Your photos… you just look like you are having so much fun. This is fun for you, isn’t it?

(Drew) Absolutely.

(Cory) I’m in a band with some of my brothers and some of my better friends. It’s a blast.

Where can I get a copy of your album?

(Cory) You can download our EP on our website for free but we’re also heading in to the studio this coming week to put some new songs down.

Who writes all of the lyrics? Where do you get inspiration for a new track?

(Brad) Knox Hamilton writes the lyrics together but inspiration usually comes from hearing good music.

(Boots) Mine comes from new experiences.

(Brad) You’re married; you don’t have new experiences.

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

(Brad) Keane, 2007. Me and Cobo went together.

(Cobo) Phoenix in St. Louis last year.

(Boots) MuteMath.

(Cory) Rebecca St. James in my hometown of Sherman, Texas in 1996.

Cory, I don’t think you Tweet about your hair too much. Well… maybe. Anyway, what product do you use in your hair? It looks very… Hollywood!

(Cobo) That’s a Psych question if I’ve ever heard one.

(Cory) (Laughs) Just God’s blessing.

You know, the band Copeland is really good. Do you like those guys?

(Cory) Love those guys.

(Cobo) Seen those guys a couple of times. They’re not too bad.

All your shows are in Arkansas. How do I get you to Indiana?

(Drew) We actually just played the Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, Illinois. Maybe we should have swung over and played a set or two.

(Boots) We’re hoping someone sees this interview and donates us a van.

I could ask you guys questions all day long… what’s a typical Friday night look like for you guys?

(Brad) One of two things: painting the town red or watching DVDs of Psych or Parks and Recreation.

(Boots) Hanging out with the wifey.

(Cory) Ignoring phone calls from my brothers.

(Drew) Try to save the world.

(Cobo) What Brad said.

Yeah, I know it’s a long time from now… but where do you see yourselves in five years?

(Boots) Hopefully sleeping on your floor after playing a show in Indiana.

(Brad) Opening for The Killers

(Cobo) Or Celine Deon in Branson.

(Boots) What happened to Aaron Neville?

When this is all over, and you are done performing, what do you want to be remembered for? What’s the Knox Hamilton legacy?

(Brad) We want to be remembered for our music… and our passion for Jesus.

(Cory) Making people feel good enough to dance.

(Drew) Helping people out anyway we can… and my mustache.

(Cobo) Actually being Christian and not just being called Christian.

(Boots) Playing new music and not just the same old stuff you hear everywhere else.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

(Brad) Goodbye. “This town isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

(Boots) Hope to see everyone who’s reading this very soon.

(Cory) Hi, Mom.

(Cobo) Insert Horatio Cane quote here.

(Drew) I love you.

*Know Hamilton consists of Brad Pierce (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Boots Copeland (bass, vocals), Drew Buffington (lead guitar), Cobo Copeland (drums), Cory Copeland (percussion, vocals).

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