iPhone Applications: iLockScreen Maker App

iPhone Applications: iLockScreen AppWhen I got an iPhone, I was excited to start downloading applications. From Netflix to alarm clocks, I am always amazing at the sheer number of apps that are available. When they say, “There’s an app for that,” they mean it! I have ever worked on an application. It’s a game, called Sorry, I’m Late and is an excuse generator. I worked with a local programmer to bring that concept to fruition. It hasn’t made me any money, but it gave me a whole new respect for developers.

As you may know, I travel a ton. It seems that I am always off to the airport to catch a flight. Whether I am traveling for business, or pleasure my cell phone is always close by. But what happens if there is an emergency? What if someone needs to use my phone to call someone… let’s say, my emergency contact? (It’s my mom on most forms, in case you ever need to call someone for me.) Assuming the people around you don’t have a phone, which I can hardly believe is the case, they could just use my phone. But I lock my phone for security purposes… that was until I found iLockScreen Maker app. This app, as it sounds, allows you to create your lock screen. The app is free to download, and can be purchased (they still call it that een though the app is free) from the iTunes store.

So what’s it do?

With the iLockScreen Maker I can share my emergency contacts on my lock screen, so no matter what the situation (barring a dead battery) people can see my emergency contacts even if my phone is locked. Granted, chances are the people around me will have a phone, but this is a security measure that some, especially travelers, might want to take note of. I know I am always looking for tips and tricks while traveling… and I say that as I download this awesome application. (The application is free.)

Who is your emergency contacnt? Do you leave your phone unlocked?

Click here to download iLockScreen Maker from the iTunes app store.