Carnival of Madness: Theory of a Deadman Rocks Indy

How good is this band? I have been a fan of Theory of a Deadman for a LONG time, and I have had the chance to see them perform before. I first saw them at The Vogue here in Indianapolis. Tonight they were headlining Carnival of Madness, a rock show that is traveling the country melting faces all over the place. They are joined by Emphatic, Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, and Adelitas Way. I actually had the chance to interview Adelitas Way a few months ago, and saw them perform at the Egyptian Room not long after. They are an incredible band, and while I like their first album better they are still the perfect example of a modern day rock band. Plus, Alter Bridge is pretty much Creed minus Scott Stapp. It’s the same band, and when he left the band they hired a new lead singer and went on the road. Not sure if they are all still together as the original band from Creed… but they were solid. Their set actually started pretty slow, and then starting melting faces from there. Every band impressed me, to be honest.

But this is my second time seeing Theory of a Deadman, and I was just blown away. I compare them a lot to Nickelback… and since I like them so much, it just makes sense that I would like Theory of a Deadman. (I wonder where they got that name…)

The band has produced a ton of singles, and the video above is one of my favorites. Carnival of Madness is touring the country, and while the show was originally intended to be played at The Lawn at White River State Park, due to weak ticket sales they moved it to the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre. It was weird seeing a show like this at the theatre… but I got some good photos and had a good night. My good friend Russ even showed up for part of the show. Faces were indeed melted! (Yes, theatre is in fact spelled correctly… you can spell it theater and theatre… don’t ask me which one is which and in what situation… but I do know they are both correct.)

Tonight’s show features all of their hit tracks, including Gentlemen, Got It Made, All or Nothing, Lowlife, Cocaine (an Eric Clapton Cover) and Bad Girlfriend, their biggest hit in my opinion. It was just one good rock song after another. If Carnival of Madness is coming to your town, don’t miss it. Plus, several of the bands will sign autographs in between sets.

I hope you enjoy some Theory of a Deadman. If you were at the show, let me know what you thought. If not… well, your loss! But trust me, they will be back soon. They are too good of a band to not continue to tour the county. Let’s rock people!

(By the way, my good friend Jason Sutton is a HUGE fan of Theory of a Deadman… so this blog post is dedicated to him. I was sending him pictures on Twitter earlier tonight… trying to make him jealous! I hope he enjoyed the post, the video, and the photos!)

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Carnival of Madness: Theory of a Deadman Rocks Indy Carnival of Madness: Theory of a Deadman Rocks Indy Carnival of Madness: Theory of a Deadman Rocks Indy