The Original Firefly: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

The Original Firefly: Firefly Sweet Tea VodkaOh man, it’s hot outside. I mean, it is summer… but we have been having some record temperatures here in the Hoosier state this year. The other day the heat index reached 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It was so hot; people were literally cooking eggs on the sidewalk. That same week there were to concerts out at Verizon Wireless Music Center. It’s a good thing the show on Saturday was sponsored by Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

I recently discovered sweet tea vodka. I mean, I like sweet tea… and I like vodka. It made sense to me. My favorite drink with sweet tea vodka is the “weed and water”. The weed comes from Jeremiah Weed, another popular brand of sweet tea vodka, but you can order that anywhere and the bartender will know what you are talking about. Jeremiah Weed is one of the original sweet tea vodkas. Anyway, it’s half sweet tea vodka and half water. (It really does taste like sweet tea.)

Other Popular Recipes

So what are some other popular drinks you can make with sweet tea vodka? Below is a list of a few more tasty adult beverages made with this stuff.

Southern Fly

1 part sweet tea vodka, 1 part spring water, lemon twist

Firefly Island Tea

1 part sweet tea vodka, sweet and sour mix, splash of soda

Firefly Spike Palmer

1 part sweet tea vodka, 1 part lemonade, lemon twist

Fuzzy Fly

1 part sweet tea vodka, 1 part orange juice, splash of peach schnapps

*All of the recipes have the name “firefly” in them because Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka was a sponsor of the event I originally learned about all of these drinks. I am sure you can make up your own names with the same ingredients.

If you have not had sweet tea vodka, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle. It’s incredible, and you won’t be sorry. And if you don’t like it, well… I will be more than happy to take it off your hands. Bottoms up people!

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