Woodford Reserve Tasting Notes

Woodford Reserve Tasting Notes

Sheryl and I recently went down to Lexington, Kentucky for a romantic weekend getaway. We stayed in a bed and breakfast and did a couple of distillery and brewery tours. Actually, we only managed to make it to one distillery and one brewery. Come to think of it, we didn’t really take the brewery tour but did get to sample all of their beers once the tour was over. That’s why you take the tour, anyway. But the highlight of the trip was our tour of Woodford Reserve. The tour cost $5, but was well worth it. It started with a video, and then took us on a long tour of the distillery. The guide was very knowledgeable and knew a ton about not only this distillery, but the surrounding area and the history of the distillery. It was well worth the money. (This is one of the only distilleries in Kentucky that charges fora tour.)

When we were all done with the tour, we went inside to try the Woodford Reserve. I was blown away at how good it was after having learned how it was made, how long it aged, and being able to drink it where it was made. It made the trip. That, and the complimentary bourbon balls that were up front. These little chocolates were incredible, and were made with Woodford Reserve. When we sat down to sample, I used a little cheat sheet to walk me through the bourbon.These were the tasting notes as they were provided to us:


Rich amber with a copper hue


Vanilla and caramel wit hints of complex fruit, spice, and rye character


Toffee, toasted nuts, sweet aromatics, vanilla, apricot and baking spices


Long, creamy, and sweet

As I sipped my sample, I paid attention to each tasting note. They are pretty much spot on. The nose is what caught my attention, to have the ability to pick out the individual scents. We would later learn what a rye actually is, and what makes a whiskey different from a bourbon and a rye. It was just a day filled with education that enhanced our bourbon tasting experience. Even if you are not into this spirit, I would highly recommend checking it out and if you live in the Midwest, taking a trip to the distillery. It might be in the middle of nowhere, but one you find it prepare to be entertained.

Enjoy your bourbon responsibly.