Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with John Digweed

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with John Digweed

Oh man, do I love the sound that this guy produces. It’s not trance, nor does it make me want to dance. But this guy produces some incredible tunes that just make me want to move, groove, and sway to the sound of the beat. I came across this guy a LONG time ago, even before I was into beats. But ever since he has continued to pump out new music, and has made a major impact with his involvement with Bedrock Records. He has been producing for a long time too, which makes sense I would have heard his work over the years. He has changed quite a bit as a DJ as well, and continues to impress. His latest release is incredible, and is pretty much all I an listen to! Throw this guy on, and listen… just listen. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to John Digweed.

You have been spinning records for a LONG time. But it all started to come together back in 1993. You got a gig at Renaissance Club in Mansfield. From there it’s just been getting better and better. In the years, the many years you have been performing, how has your sound changed and evolved into what it is today?

Of course it has changed, I am a DJ that likes to look forward rather than backwards with my music searching out the latest producers and artists that are going to keep my sets fresh and exciting. So as new sounds come into the scene I want to be at the forefront of the electronic house sound pushing new music. My fan base wants to hear new music not stuff they already know or thats been on the radio during the day.

Tell me a little bit more about your label Bedrock Records.

Well it’s been running now for over 12 years and has had releases from artists such and Guy Gerber, Robert Babicz, Marco Bailey, Guy J just to name a few. We are just coming up to our 100th release and just try to keep releasing the the best quality music thats out there from the most creative producers.

You have an iPhone app. How cool is that? Tell me a little bit more about the app and what iPhone users can expect to experience with it.

It’s free to start with and just gives you all the latest news updates, Twitter feeds, and dates in one very simple to use app. I just wanted to make something free for my loyal fans out there.

In all of the years that you have been producing beats, you have played some of the biggest clubs in the world. Is it even remotely possible to pick a favorite venue? Do any of them make you more comfortable than the next?

Twilo was by far the best club I have ever played in. The sound, the lighting, the crowd and the period in time… everything came together and it was a very memorable time in my career

You performed at Electric Zoo this Labor Day weekend. How excited were you to play for all of those screaming dancing fans?

I played last year and had a blast. EZ had great production and the set up was first class. This year I was super excited to be playing the main stage, which was amazing… looking out to the sea of people.

It seems like everyone is doing a podcast these days. Above & Beyond are having a ton of success with theirs, as has Armin van Buuren and Johnny Monsoon. You have a podcast as well. It’s called The John Digweed Podcast, and there are several episodes readily available. What’s the motivation to produce these complimentary podcasts? Do you listen to any podcasts on a regular basis?

I suppose podcasts are just another way to help promote what you are playing at the moment. I have a worldwide radio show but it might not be in some areas so it gives those people a chance to listen to what I am up too.

Your collection is pretty much packed with compilations. When you work on a compilation, how do you decide what artists you want to work with?

I go through so much music and try and get a vibe going it’s always about what the good tracks that are around at that current time rather that specific artists. I have done so many that the process comes to me very naturally.

You played for over 850,000 people once… at Delta Heavy. Do you get nervous playing for that many people, or does it sort of all seem like a blur when the crowd gets that big?

That was for the whole tour. My biggest crowd is 250,000 at the Big Beach boutique in Brighton with Fatboy Slim, which was pretty special.

Structures Two was released earlier this summer. What sort of feedback have you been getting from this as compared to Structures One?

It’s all been really positive; to be honest so I am happy that it has done well and the feedback. I always put so much work into my compilations that I want people to enjoy them for many years to come.

Tell me a little bit more about the John Digweed Radio Show.

It’s broadcast in over 45 countries worldwide to over 14 million people a week and that number keeps growing and more stations seem to get added so it’s really good to be able to play my music to so many people all over the world every single week.

You have a very specific style, from your album art to the merchandise you sell. Is that something you worked with a graphic designer on, or has that all sort of just happened innately?

I have worked closely with Malone Design since the start of the label so we have kept a great identity throughout and made some very creative sleeves and shirt designs. It’s very important to me that the image of the label looks good and professional.

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