From the USA to the UK: Tiki Bars from around the World

Tiki Bars from around the WorldWhen I first turned 21, we would frequent bars like The Vogue, Landsharks, and The Beer Sellar. After a couple of years of Retro Rewind on Wednesday nights at The Vogue, it was time to slow down and focus on school and other priorities. Around age 24, I got back into the clubs and had a short run with the same bars. Now that I’m 28, I like to focus on the beer selection or the music. (Those clubs don’t really play the type of music I like. I have to go to Talbott Street for beats.)

Another bar I really like is Tiki Bob’s, a tiki bar located in downtown Indianapolis. They have 50 cent u-calls on Friday night from 9-11. (I dare you to find a deal like that anywhere else in the city… Better yet any city!) Speaking of tiki bars, on recent flight to Houston I read an article about tiki bars. It featured information on 5 tiki bars from around the United States and in London. Below is more information on said tiki bars:

Riff Raff’s – New York City –

The latest on the tiki scene, Riff Raff’s attracts a well-heeled (and small, as it only seats 72 people) crowd who soak up the tropical decor and punch bowl-sized cocktails (which of course are meant for sharing).

Mahiki – London –

Once you get through the sometimes long queues of this wicker-laden cocktail bar, order up a Coconut Grenade and keep an eye out for Prince Harry. Feeling brave? Opt for the Krakatoa, a communal punch made for 4. (That’s a big glass, if I do say so myself.)

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge – Minneapolis –

Whether you want loud or low-key, Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge administers a little of both. Sip on a rum spiked concoction on the patio or come on Friday and belly-up to one of the theme bars. This place is known for the loud crowds it draws every weekend.

The Terrace – Chicago –

After a recent expansion, the 16th-floor terrace at the Trump is taking on the Polynesian-chic theme—the first in Chicago—with Chef Brunacci’s menu, which includes lavish seafood platters and a rum-soaked cocktail list.

Smuggler’s Cove – San Francisco –

It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean for adults—and was recently named best new cocktail bar by Bon Appetit Magazine. Request the Top Notch Volcano, a sweet pineapple punch made with private reserve rum.

As you can see, there are a ton of tiki bars popping up all around the world. I do like sipping a cold one while wearing flip flops… And I do look good in a tan! What’s your favorite tiki bar?