Getting to Know 3:1 Three To One

Getting to Know 3:1 Three To OneA few weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down with the guys in 3:1. We met at a Starbucks and talked for hours. We all seemed to connect on one level or another, and we have all become friends on Facebook. Click here to read an exclusive artist interview with 3:1.

Needless to say, they are as fun online as they are in person and on stage, and I have become obsessed with their content. I am obsessed with their content… and their music. I have only seen them perform that one time… but I remember it. I remember the way Ranch engaged with the crowd and the way the band played one song after another as if it was the last song they would ever perform. I was simply blown away. I saw them perform at Flatwater Restaurant in Broad Ripple, Indiana.

I wanted to share a little bit more about the guys in the band. Learn more about 3:1 below:

Randy “Ranch” Wvertz (bass, backing vocals, and percussion)

Ranch, a veteran performer of over thirty years, has entertained across the Midwest performing in rock, country, gospel, bluegrass, and everything in between. Ranch has played bass with several local bands throughout his career, and has lent his talents to a long list of recording projects from rockers like The Dean Cline Band to acoustic folk-rocker Brent Bennett.

Joe O’Connell (drums and percussion)

Joe studied percussion with Dr. Erwin Mueller at Ball State University. An accomplished and versatile drummer and percussion, he has played many styles of music professional for over thirty years – rock to classical, West African to jazz, Cajun to various improv music. Joe was a member of the legendary Indianapolis band The Spitles. Joe is also a member of the word-class percussion group Clang!

Tom Kiefaber (guitar, vocals and percussion)

Tom broke into the Indy music scene in the 90’s. Working with such bands as the The Blues Crew, Spunj, and Fancy Lizards. More recently, Tom has been involved with the Front Porch Swingers, a band which features his vocals, lead guitar, and slide abilities. Tom comes from a musical family; his father played with Dickey Betts in The Jokers. At only four years old, he saw his first rock show, backstage at an Allman Brothers concert. Never looking back, Tom has become an imaginative master guitar player. He has jammed with some of the best including Warren Haynes.

3:1 Cover Songs

3:1 is a cover band… but they play some obscure cover songs. Below is a short list of the tunes that 3:1 brings to the stage on any given night. I had the chance to see them perform most of these songs.

  • The Beatles
  • The Rolling Stones
  • James Brown
  • The Isley Brothers
  • Bill Withers
  • The Four Tops
  • Bob Marley
  • Bob Dylan
  • Paul Simon
  • Miles David
  • Bruce Springsteen

They play a lot more than that… but that is just an appetizer of what these guys can bring to the stage.

Helm Productions & Promotions

I could talk all day about how good these guys are… but don’t take my word for it. Here is what Reggie Helm from Helm Productions & Promotions had to say about 3:1.

“In my two decades in the entertainment business, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of bands, but few as versatile and can fit at any venue or occasion. The Indy based 3:1 is one of these rare bands. This trio can play in the smallest club to a handful of people or at a large outdoor festival and still please the entire crowd. They can play smooth instrumental jazz at a black tie affair, or get funky for the dance lovers. I was amazed at all the different types of music that came out of this three-piece band. They are all multi-talented musicians who understand a crowd and the surroundings they are in. I am definitely impressed.”

Like I said, these guys are the real deal. If you get the chance, try to see them perform. They play a lot of free shows in and around the Circle City. Make sure to introduce yourself after the show too… these guys are just as nice as they are talented. 3:1 is the right music for your event… whatever the event!