I’m Baffled Right Now: Andy Roddick Throws a Fit

Andy Roddick is pissed… in the video, you can see him having a an argument with the tournament referee Brian Earley regarding some water that is coming “from underneath” the court. He isn’t very happy, and to be honest I think he has a point. He is pointing out, on his side of the court, where water is coming up from below the court. Imagine him running around in the heat of the moment and slipping… he could do some serious damage to his body. All he is trying to do is point out that there is water on the court. Apparently they are wanting to “dab it every thirty seconds”. Not sure that will do much good, especially if the water is in fact coming up from under the court.

I don’t play tennis, but I know how hard these guys work on the court. If he is running from side to side, and slips he could suffer a career ending injury. That is not something I would be willing to risk, especially in the U.S. Open. The U.S. Open takes place at Louis Armstrong Stadium in Queens, New York. Queens is one of the boroughs of New York City.

There is more to the story… but my point is the video and how people are saying he had an outburst on the court. I wouldn’t call this an outburst. I would just say that he was upset. He’s a professional athlete and when his potential demise is seeping up from below the court… how would you react. Get mad Andy… you have my permission.

I will admit, I wanted to see him throw his racquet or something. Oh well, him storming off the court was good enough for me!