Martin Solveig Grounded: US Tour Cancelled

Martin Solveig Grounded: US Tour CancelledMartin Solveig wasn’t playing tennis, football or stage diving when he put his back out this week. No, the formidable Frenchman was simply putting the finishing touches on his next single in his studio when the accident occurred. Unfortunately and on doctors orders, Marin has been told he cannot take any flights for 14 days and therefore has no option but to postpone his tour of the United States.

Speaking of Paris, Martin said, “Obviously I’m devastated at not being able to make this tour, it was due to bring a close one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I’ve had an incredible amount of love from the states and was super excited o deliver my third tour of the year. I’d like to apologize to everyone involved in putting the tour together, the promoters and of course the fans. My team will be doing everything we can to get further dates in place as soon as possible.”

Tour dates affected include:

  • September 2 – Electric Zoo, New York
  • September 3 – Sun Dance City Festival, El Paso, Texas
  • September 4 – Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, California
  • September 5 – Tao Beach, Las Vegas
  • September 5 – Marquee, Las Vegas

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