Surkin to Release “USA” – A Fantasy Eighties Soundscape

Surkin to release debut artist album “USA” – a fantasy eighties soundscapeMarble is proud to announce the November 7 release of Surkin’s debut artist album, “USA.” Originally designed to be out on Institubes, Marble was the logical choice to release “USA” after the demise of the influential French label. It features 16 tracks, with guest vocals by Detroit’s Ann Saunderson (Inner City) and Chicago’s Kevin Irving (the voice of house blueprint Move Your Body by Marshall Jefferson); and two collaborations with friend and label mate Bobmo, whom with Surkin works as High Powered Boys.

It’s a joyous, juvenile, body-moving record, based on the idea of a radio station called Fireworks FM, set up in Silver Springs. The whole vibe exhales a fantasized eighties soundscape, infused with dance subgenres from that era but dramatically edited by Surkin’s own imaginary memories.

Club tracks galore, but also expect more melodic emotional mid-tempo cuts, but definitely not in a filler way. Mastery all over the place yet infused with a tremendous feeling of exuberance and freedom. Needless to say it’s an instant classic.

Surkin “USA” Tracklist

  1. Let’s Ride
  2. Lose Yourself (feat. Ann Saunderson)
  3. Love Shot
  4. I.N.Y.N
  5. Fireworks Hotmix
  6. Silver Island
  7. White Knight Two
  8. Rock It
  9. Harry (feat. Bobmo)
  10. Never Let Go (feat. Kevin Irving)
  11. Fan Out
  12. Gold Island
  13. Ultra Light
  14. Quattro (feat. Bobmo)
  15. Silver Springs Anthem
  16. UK Morning

Surkin US Tour Dates

  • December 2 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
  • December 10 – Voyeur – San Diego, CA

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