Let’s Get Wet: The Price of Water Usage

Let's Get Wet: The Price of Water UsageWe all need this stuff… it’s is one of the world’s most precious resources. As a matter of fact, our bodies are pretty much made of this stuff. The overall percentage varies by gender, age and body structure but adult males are 60% water. So this is nothing to joke around about. But the reason I wrote this blog post was not to discuss water itself, but the price of water. The price of water is going up, more water is being wasted than ever before, and the stats below might blow your mind. These stats actually came from an in-flight magazine. Not sure why they grabbed my attention as much as they did, but after reading over them it inspired me to write this post.Res

  • $1.50 – Amount per square foot homeowners can get from the Southern Nevada Water Authority for removing grass from their lawn.
  • 400 Gallons – Average gallons used per day, per household in the United States. The average water bill is $34.
  • $3.01 – Price of water per cubic meter in Germany. The price, though high, has enabled the country to provide water for the entire population.
  • 8 Meters – 8 meters of the water table has dropped since 2002 on the Pacific Coast of Peru, where huge amounts of water are used to grow the $450 million-a-year asparagus crop.
  • 31 Cents – Price of water per cubic meter in China, where millions lack access to water. Some believe raising the price would lead to investment in better infrastructure.
  • 884 Million – People who lack access to safe water supplies. That is approximately 1/8 of the population.

As you can see, water is affecting people all over the world. Not just here in the United States. Imagine not being able to have access to clean water. What would a world like that look like? We take this substance for granted, that’s for sure. There are over 7 billion people in the world, and those persons all need water to survive. What happens if one day we run out of water… then what?

Source: This list of stats came from a Delta Sky Magazine. – http://deltaskymag.delta.com/