Tiger Woods to make $3 million for playing in Abu Dhabi

Tiger Woods to make $3 million for playing in Abu DhabiLooks like Tiger Woods is on the right track. He hasn’t had the best of luck over the last couple years, but he had some good fortune in Australia earlier this month. He is hitting the ball well, and is ready to get back into the swing of things. (No pun intended.) If he could only learn how to putt… he never missed from 10 foot when he was at the top. Tiger has no choice but to get back to low numbers. He’s running out of time if he wants to catch Jack. To keep the ball rolling, Tiger is going to play in Abu Dhabi… and he’s getting paid $3 million to do it. (I wonder if that is why he is playing…) Tiger might not have been the best choice for the Presidents Cup, but he did end up winning the final point that sealed the deal for the Americans. Looks like captain Fred Couples made the right call. I mean, it’s Tiger Woods after all. It would have been silly if he wasn’t down under. Anyway, back to Abu Dhabi.

Tiger will be breaking another record in Abu Dhabi. He will be making $3 million just to show up at the HSBC Championship. Think about that… he could miss the cut and still make $3 million. To give you some perspective on how much that is, Jason Dufner made just over $3 million all year on the PGA Tour. Granted, he’s not Tiger Woods (not even sure what Jason looks like) but that’s unreal! I am the world’s biggest Tiger Woods fan, and I think this is a bit ridiculous. The guy hasn’t won in two years, but still has the brand power to pull in that kind of dough.

Tiger needs to make 2012 count… he can’t not win next year. He is getting too old for another year without a major. It’s that simple. Do you think Tiger will win a major next year?