Gramatik Announces New Year Run

Gramatik Announces New Year RunGramatik’s new track Boogie Down is a collaborative production with Break Science, which is a new, bass-heavy take on the original Earth, Wind & Fire track. This is a serious dancefloor track, that still remains playful and funky, oozing fun from every note. Gramatik’s roots are in hip-hop, but after a while he felt this just wasn’t enough, and that he was limiting himself by only creating in one genre while he enjoyed listening to so many. He therefore started produce house, techno, breakbeat, electro, drum and bass – basically any genre that he found himself drawn to. This was pretty much anything that evolved from blues, jazz, soul and funk, as those “father genres” are all embedded deep in his style. To him, music is much bigger than a genre name and specific categorization, it’s all about embracing what moves you and rejecting what does not.

It’s therefore no wonder that Gramatik and Break Science have collaborated on Boogie Down and will be also be playing together. Break Science create a genre defying, hybrid musical style that encompasses their favorite aspects of hip-hop, glitch, trip-hop, drum and bass, and dubstep. They incorporate into their electronic production the use of real instruments when recording and performing, focusing on live drums and analog synths as well as vintage keyboards like fender rhodes, and clavinet to create a truly new sound that is accurately descriptive of the times we live in.

Gramatik is closing out his year of touring with a few final dates across the west coast and Texas, finally culminating with two shows in Georgia and an official Bassnectar Afterparty in Nashville on New Years Eve. Gramatik will be joined by Michal Menert and SuperVision along the musical trek. Break Science will be joining him in Athens, and Sound Tribe Sector 9 will be on the bill in Atlanta.

Live, Gramatik carts an APC 40 on stage, a kind of live performance controller akin to a conductor’s baton – if the baton were hooked up to every instrument in the orchestra. The music is complemented by live instrumentation supplied by Alex, a friend who made the trip with him from Slovenia, where Gramatik is originally from. Following this September’s Electric Zoo performance MTV Iggy and others such as Flavorpill highlighted his set, and named Gramatik as “one of the 5 new acts to watch” saying, “His Sunday set was full of that good old bass-heavy mid-morning dubstep.”

Gramatik retains a nonchalance in his music – call it a laid back, down to earth spirit that creates a mellow atmosphere for the beats to orbit around. Oftentimes Gramatik’s cool hip-hop vibe is lined with little perfect little pockets of jazz’s music legacy, including funk, soul and rock n’ roll. Chilled out trip-hop that flirts with all elements of music, from rhythm and blues to jazz, Gramatik stays true to a soulful hip-hop teasing you with playful guitar work and good-time instrumental loops.” – Amanda Macchia, Permormer Magazine

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