Merry Christmas – Gifts to AVOID!

Merry Christmas - Gifts to AVOID!Tomorrow is shopping day… you know, the ONE day where I go all out and buy all of my Christmas gifts. I have been buying one or two gifts here and there, but tomorrow is what I like to call “Shop 2011!” I even told Sheryl to tweet about it using the hashtag #shop11. I take my shopping day serious, have a plan of all the stores I want to hit, and even plan in lunch and dinner. Yeah, it’s a LONG day. Last year World Market was a big hit, and this year it is on the list. From coffee cups to wine, they have it all. Anyway, as we prepare for the 2011 Christmas season, there are some gifts you should NEVER buy. Below you will see the 7 items, as seen on Yahoo! News, and my personal reason why I agree. These gifts are NOT a good idea. Here’s why!

Household Appliances

When was a blender ever a good idea for a Christmas gift? Unless you know EVERY appliance the person you are buying for has, then just skip this section. Sure a good blender would be nice. But unless the person asked for it, you are reaching. Or a toaster… who buys a toaster as a gift? Trust me, when I am ready to buy my next toaster… I will think long and hard, do my research, and buy the toaster that is best for me!

A Pet

This one is funny, because yesterday while I was driving home from work, there was an adoption center on the radio talking about this. We have seen this in the movies, but it really is a bad idea. The same thing applies here… unless the person has asked for it, he or she might not want a dog or cat. (I wonder how many people gift snakes and turtles!) Pets are a BIG deal, take a ton of effort, and cost a lot of money. If you do want to get a pet for a present, make sure the person that you are buying for has not only agreed to it, but has picked out said animal. It is better to not buy the pet than to buy a pet that won’t be loved.


The Yahoo! article said “Jewelry You’ve Seen on a TV Commercial”… but still. Jewelry is expensive, unless you shop at Walmart. Unless it’s a diamond ring, and you plan to propose, skip the jewels. A watch might be nice, but I know some folks who are VERY picky about what they put on their wrist. You are taking a risk getting jewelry, and unless you KNOW for a fact that the person will like what you are buying, skip it. Wait until you can shop with said person and pick out the perfect piece.

“Every kiss begins with Kay.”

Gift Baskets

Do I really need to tell you why this is a bad idea? Talk about being lazy… Now, I will say that with caution. I have purchased gift baskets before. But as soon as I do, I open them and break the items into several other gifts. That way, even if the person has seen the gift basket before, it’s not all packaged together. That is just… well, lazy.

A Sweater

What size do I wear? What is my favorite color? Am I allergic to wool? Unless you know ALL of these, don’t buy me a sweater. You wonder where the ugly sweater party came from… it came from people buying sweaters as a gift! (I wear an XL and if I am buying a sweater, long sleeved and black is fine. I am not allergic to wool, in case you are still looking!)

Credit Card Gift Cards

Gift cards are NOT allowed in my family. This is another lazy way to shop. If you are going to get me a $25 gift card somewhere, just give me the cash. Save the trouble!


I don’t like shopping for this stuff WITH Sheryl, let alone by myself. What am I going to do… walk into Victoria’s Secret and ask to try something on? Creeper! It would be fun to buy some secy lingerie, but not for a gift. Especially for Christmas. Let’s think about the POINT of this holiday for a second. Do you think lingerie is the best way to get into the holiday spirit? (Being serious here guys!)