Stefano Noferini Continues His Global Supremacy

Stefano Noferini Continues His Global Tech/House SupremacyStefano Noferini is well versed in the art of making people move. But his virtuosity extends far past creating a groove. Stefano is gifted with the knowledge of how to instinctually tap into the dark dirty nature of what rhythm can do, harnesses it somehow, and deftly transpose it to the world in digital form. Let’s just say you’re going to dance, whether you came to or not. With a relentless, driving beat to anchor the track, Stefano builds upon subtle layers of bass melody and clever percussion work to effortlessly lay waste any unsuspecting sound system. This is big, powerful track, pulsing with a nasty tribal undertow that will have you transported to the center of a drum circle on the playa the minute the first kick drops.

“Makaly” is, at its core, a huge sounding, banging track that is a tech-house tour de force on any dancefloor. Road tested by the man himself, you can bet the track has been cut and crafted to utter perfection. “Big room sound” seems a bit of an understatement on this one. “Makaly” released on December 19 on Stefano’s own Deeperfect imprint. Don’t miss it.

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