Ti√ęsto remixes the “Mission: Impossible Theme”

As if the Mission: Impossible theme song could get ANY better. Of course it can… when Ti√ęsto gets his hands on it. I haven’t seen the movie, and while I am not typically into movies like this, I will more than likely go see it. I really want to see it because part of this is filmed in Dubai. I haven’t been there either, but soon. Tiger has won there… so it’s like a calling. Anyway, Ti√ęsto has taken the popular theme song and turned it into a masterpiece. It was already a great track to begin with, but now this. I just can’t get enough of this track. The video is pretty slick too. Obviously it takes a few scenes from the movie, but matched with the high beats per minute… it’s just a great tune. The song was written by Lalo Schifrin, but Ti√ęsto makes this track the bomb.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of the film?

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