5 New Apps to Try

5 New Apps to TryAs most of you know, I don’t pay for apps. I have had an iPhone since the day it came out and an iPad for a couple of years now… and I refuse to pay for apps. It seems like everything I want my devices to do I can accomplish with free apps. I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix (I pay for the service, but the app is free), Shazam (I got a premium version of that when it was free during a promotion) and several other apps on a regular basis.

Earlier today I was reading this article on apps… it was the “5 new apps worth downloading now”. Let’s take a look at said apps:

Shazam Player (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: Free)

I love this app. I use this app all the time. I will be driving home from work and hear a song on the radio, and pull this app out to learn more about the song. The app provides the song, the album, the artist, lyrics, and tour info… more than you would ever want to know about a song.

If you have this app, pull it out during the Super Bowl. You will be able to Shazam commercials. I am sure this will be beneficial to the business, but unless it offers exclusive content, not sure I see the value. But they are getting some media attention for it.

Path (iPhone, iPod Touch and Android: Free)

Sheryl loves this app. I have it, and I use it from time to time. I am obsessed with foursquare, and I use that to track my location. But this app lets you track your location, who you are with, and basically becomes a personal journal of your travels. The interface is pretty sweet too. Like I said, I use it… but I am not hooked.

 NBA Game Time 2011 – 2012 (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android: Free)

I don’t watch sports, so this app doesn’t appeal to me. But the NBA is back and basketball is huge here in the Hoosier State. This app allows you to follow your favorite teams, with updated scoring and stats. If I had to pick a favorite team I would say… who does Shaq play for? Maybe he retired… I don’t know.

Wolfram Words Reference App (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $0.99)

This app isn’t free, so count me out! But the app is great for people who have time to kill. The article said it is a game like Scrabble and Words With Friends. I don’t play that either. I did, but I could see it taking over my life. I walked by my buddy Zach’s desk today and he was playing it… it’s a drug! Sheryl plays that game too.

Jimmy Fallon’s Wake Up Call (iPhone, iPod Touch: $0.99)

This app isn’t free either… and based on the name, why would I download even if it was free? Jimmy Fallon waking me up is not a good idea. Oh but wait, it comes with 10 customized ringtones and 17 different messages from Jimmy himself. 17… I wonder why they picked that number. Oh well, I don’t need a late night TV show host waking me up.

I did download the Pretty Lights app the other day. Pretty Lights is a popular DJ that doesn’t charge for his music. His entire collection is on his website for free. The app is free, and has access to his discography. He’s also GREAT live. If you are into electronic dance music, check out that app.

What are some of your new favorite apps?