Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with LoveSick Radio

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with LoveSick RadioDave Smiley likes to party. Dave is the host of the Smiley Morning Show on 99.5 WZPL here in Indianapolis, and I have run in to him several times at various events. We have become buddies over the years and we talk on Twitter quite a bit. Anyway, every fall Smiley throws a party. I told you he likes to party. This year he had some pretty big bands play including The Fray and Simple Plan. I have seen those guys before… but it was the band that opened that got me excited. Their name sounded SO familiar to me, but I just couldn’t place it. That was until they came on stage. I knew I had heard them before! I was actually working that show, and got the chance to see them up close and personal. The band was LoveSick Radio. I was so impressed I reached out to them for an artist interview. So… here we are. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to LoveSick Radio.

I am sick of radio! But not lovesick… where did the name come from?

The name came from our drummer. He was going through a break up at the time and was complaining that all the songs he was hearing were sad songs. He said it was like the radio was lovesick. We all kind of looked at each other and said, “Write that down.”

Where did you guys all meet?

The Josh, Josh and Justin went to high school together. One night, depending who you ask, Josh Masters literally ran into David at a bar and spilled his drink on him. They got to talking about music and the next week we decided to try playing some music. The songs we came up with sucked. But they were good enough to realize we were on to something.

There are two of you… is one Josh #1 and the other Josh #2?

For some reason people think they are brothers because they have the same first name. I don’t get that one.

The name is pretty long. Can I just call you LSR?

(Laughs.) Please do.

Some call it pop. Some might call it rock. I would call it alternative. What do YOU call it?

We call in all three… rock/pop/alternative. We listen to everything so it only fair those would come through when people listen to us.

I just saw you guys with Simple Plan and The Fray. Was that a one-night stand, or was there a tour involved?

We just did that one show. We have played with Simple Plan before so it was cool seeing them again. The Fray guys were great to us. We look forward to playing with them again soon.

Since the word “radio” is in your name… I bet you guys get a lot of airplay. Do you remember the first time you heard your work on the radio? What was that experience like?

I remember every time. Every city you go to and your song comes on the radio is rad. We have it on film when they played us for the first time in Chicago. That’s a pretty cool clip that I’m glad we captured.

So I am in LOVE with Spotify. Do you guys use that? It’s WAY better than Pandora in my opinion.

Spotify is great! I’m a music junkie so I love having access to most CDs at any moment I want.

You guys have a street team. What do they do for you?

They spread the word about us online, help with flyers and help out at shows. We love the people that enjoy this band. They make every moment worth it.

Back to the Internet for a second… in your opinion, how has the Internet changed the way people absorb music?

You have easy access to anything you want. Sometimes you have to dig through some not great music, but at least if you do you can find somethings you won’t hear on the radio.

January is almost over… but did you guys have a good NYE?

We played. Anytime we are on stage I’m very happy. So yes.

What are you listening to these days? What’s on your iPod?

That’s a tough question. I know Justin is digging Drake’s new CD. I’m listening to Aerosmith, Richie Kotzen, Bowie, Radiohead , INXS & the Stones. I’m trying to add some old school rock into the mix for our new CD. People need to hear some good guitar music on the radio.

Do you have any rituals before a show? You know… like chanting or hugging?

We put our hands together and Justin will say some crazy thing. It brings it back to the four of us before we head out to win people over.

Yes, I want you! Who writes all of the lyrics? 

We collaborate on everything. So it just depends.

I have seen it both ways… is it Lovesick Radio or LoveSick Radio?

We cap the “S”. We are very creative. Just kidding.

What is your connection to Z99.5? You guys know Smiley?

Z99.5 played my old band at a lot. We have some history there. We love those guys. Smiley and his whole crew are great.

What are you drinking on stage?

Probably vodka. Sometimes water.

What’s the biggest crowd you have ever played for? The smallest?

We played Meadowlands Stadium with Bon jovi and Kid Rock. That was 80,000! So that’s the biggest so far. As for the smallest, I would say when we played just for the staff and a few drunk people because no one we were playing somewhere in northern Illinois.

I see some tattoos there. Who has the most? Don’t they hurt?

I think I have the most. Justin is a close second. Not too bad. You should get one.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

One time when we where playing oversea Masters hand locked up right before a bass solo. For me, my strap has broken a few times from me throwing my guitar around. Now I check the strap before we play and sometimes during.

When you sit down to write a song, where does the inspiration come from?

Life or something you see or hear about. Sometimes you are just playing and inspiration hits you.

What’s next… is there an album in the works?

We are making the second album now. It’s about time. I can’t wait to have people hear the new music and for us to start touring again.

Who runs the Twitter account? What about Facebook?

That’s me. I’m the online guy. So if you like what you see, it’s my fault. If you don’t… that’s my fault too. Our tour manger Noah helps sometimes.

When it’s all said and done, and the band is no more… what’s the LoveSick Radio legacy?

That’s the great thing about music. Our songs will live on forever.

In all of the interviews that I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

We just want to say thank you for asking us to do this. We also want to thank anyone that listens to us. Come see us play and tells people about us. We owe you everything. See you on the road this year.

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