Quit Slouching: Proper Ergonomics

Quit Slouching: Proper Ergonomics

I love Mashable. It’s one of my favorite blogs. They are always talking about technology, social media, and current online trends. Earlier today I read a piece on bad tech habits and how to break them. The first one grabbed my attention. It has to do with working in poor ergonomic conditions. Trust me… this is my own fault. I don’t have to sit the way I do. But hey, it’s comfortable!

I sit all day. I work behind a laptop (with an external monitor) all day at work then I go home to work until the midnight oil is burning. I also have an external monitor at home. Anyway, I sit all day long.

In this article they talk about a poorly positioned monitor, a chair that isn’t supporting your back, a desk that is too small for your stature… basically all of these things that I am sure wrong with my setup. But there is help. The point of this article was how to break these habits. They suggested the Osha Ergonomic Evaluation checklist. This checklist is VERY long, so if you really want to take it make sure you give it some time. I also suggest printing it out so you don’t have to answer all the questions online.

Stuff like this makes me think. I know I slouch all day and all night. But I am comfortable. For now. Am I doing damage that will last a lifetime? What is your setup like at work? What about at home?

Source: http://mashable.com/2012/03/02/fix-bad-tech-habits/