Serge Devant Unveils New Video for On Your Own

After clocking up tens of thousands of YouTube views for the teaser video alone, Serge Devant is finally ready to unveil the full director’s cut to his epic new track On Your Own – the first single to be taken from his sophomore album “Recollect” on Ultra Records. With rock-driven beats and impassioned lyrics given body and soul by vocalist Coyle Girelli, the track is an important one for Devant, announcing his long awaited return after debut long-player Wanderer and the massive worldwide phenomenon that was Addicted.

Shot on location between the misty hills and rolling streets of San Francisco, and the searing heat of downtown Miami during the city’s famous Art Basel Week, the video for On Your Own was written, co-produced and co-directed by the man himself.

“The story follows a struggling artist in that moment when the whole world seems to collapse around him,” explained Serge from his studio in New York, “but he sees his sleeping girlfriend and can’t help himself but paint her. It’s about that moment when you focus on the one truly beautiful thing that you have, escape into it and produce something genuinely breathtaking and from the heart.”

But in the face of mounting debts and an untimely eviction notice the artist’s companion, played by stunning Russian model Anna Vishnevskaya, fails to find solace in our hero’s work and leaves her love behind. Cue rage, passion and paintings flying out of windows – landing at the feet of an impressed Serge Devant and a cuing complete turnaround of fortunes.

Impressively, the artwork that features throughout the video is the work of Russian painter Andrei Sharov and was commissioned specifically for the video after Devant met the artist in Monaco.

With a full package of remixes from the likes of David Tort, Stephan Luke and Thomas Sagstad and Mike Hawkins, Serge Devant On Your Own is out now through

With its official release date still over a month away, “Recollected” – Devant’s second album released through licensing behemoth Ultra – is still under wraps, but to celebrate the imminent release of On Your Own I’m giving you an exclusive sneak preview thanks to SoundCloud. This preview features forthcoming tracks Dice, True Faith, When You Came Along, On Your Own, You & Me, Far Away, Xylo and Serge’s roaring remix of the classic 3AM Eternal. Let’s dance people!

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