STREAMOTOR SIX for SIX Promotional Video

Who likes live music? Who likes live LOCAL music? That was the idea when I started presents six bands for six bucks. It’s my excuse to bring some of the best local talent and showcase that to you for… for only six bucks! Talk about a good deal. Most shows you see in the Circle City run you $10 or more. I just saw (worked the show, but still) Jagged Edge. They were charging $47. That’s unreal! Anyway, this is a video thanks to event sponsor STREAMOTOR. They actually provided the live stream last time. This video is short, to the point, and features fonts and colors taken from the official event poster. I will stop talking… just click play and enjoy! The next show is on Saturday, March 3 at Birdy’s Bar & Grill. I hope to see you there. Let’s rock people!!!