Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with David Correy

We like to party on New Year’s Eve. Last year we were in Chicago, and gave the Windy City a run for its money. This year we wanted to stay close to home, so we booked a hotel room downtown and went to the ChaCha party at the Indiana State Museum. It was a lot of fun, and we got to hang out with a lot of friends from the Circle City. That night, besides the casino they had going on upstairs in the VIP, they also had some entertainment that turned a few heads. They had a guy from Urban Rock Records that is blowing up right now. He’s all over the radio and is in nearly every magazine you can get your hands on. He showed us this NYE how to throw a party. I hung out with him at the NYE bash, but we recently sat down for an exclusive artist interview. It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the man… the legend… David Correy.

Until the ChaCha party, I had never heard of you. Now I can’t get enough of you. Where did you come from?

I am originally from Brazil, but I was raised in Riva, Maryland.

It’s not rap… it’s not rock. I am not sure what it is. You call it “urban rock”. Where did the term urban rock come from? Are there any other artists that fit that mold?

The term “urban rock” came to me one day when I was driving. It instantly hit me passing The Harbor Center movie theater back home, and as far as artist fitting the urban rock mold, urban rock is not only a brand that I’m creating. It’s also a genre of music that we’re diligently working to pioneer, so as music and time changes, we will see who truly fits the mold.

You have a TON of tattoos. What was your first tattoo? How many of those do you have?

My first tattoo was the Michael Jackson portrait on my arm, and as of now I really don’t know how many tattoos I have. (Laughs.) Is that bad?

I LOVE Michael Jackson. He changed my life, man. You are a fan too. Is it possible to pick a favorite MJ song?

It’s not possible to pick a favorite MJ song because all of his songs were so great… but if I had to say name favorite one to sing, it would have to be Man In The Mirror.

Your website is pretty unique. Who designed that?

Everything is done in-house with my operation. (Laughs.) So I have an in-house design team that put together my website for me.

Where can I get Liquid Lightning Energy Drink? Is that stuff better than Red Bull?

(Laughs.) Good question. I won’t say who is better; just using business etiquette BUT… (Laughs.) You can find Liquid Lightning on my website. Feel free to load up your fridge with it there through my site. (Laughs.)

So you are from Brazil. I am from Brazil too… but Brazil, Indiana! Do you ever visit?

No. I’ve never visited Brazil before, but I would love to make it in music to where I could go there and perform, make money, BUT really find my birth mother. I haven’t been back to Brazil since I was born.

Since you are “urban rock”, it makes sense that you are affiliated with Urban Rock Records. Tell me about your affiliation with Urban Rock Records.

I am not only an artist on Urban Rock Records, I am also the owner.

Did you have fun in Indy? Where did you stay?

Yes, I enjoyed myself. Scott and Vee Jones really took care of us. I have to give a major shout out to ChaCha for sponsoring such a great event. We stayed at the Marriott.

There are a lot of people out there just barely getting by. You are young, and have done SO well for yourself. You have a saying: “Go hard or go home”. Something like that doesn’t come without inspiration. Where does your inspiration come from? On a daily basis… what gets you out of bed?

My inspiration comes from looking at the scars from my car accidents, thinking about my birth mother, my team, and all the things that have played a vital role in my success up to this point. I think about those things as where I’ve come from to motivate me to stay persistent to reach where I’m going.

You are in the new XXL… what does that feel like? That’s huge by the way!

No words can describe the feeling. Imagine walking into your favorite store (7-Eleven by the way) , picking up your favorite magazine and seeing yourself in it… NOTHING can describe that feeling!

I have heard you mention your “team” time and time again. Who is on your team? How do you pick a new team member?

We’ve got a huge team as far as in-house work goes, so it wouldn’t be fair to just name names… so I have to SHOUT OUT TO THE WHOLE URBAN ROCK RECORDS FAMILY. I choose members based on the feeling and what someone can potentially bring to the table or offer.

You are adopted. How has that made you the man you are today?

Me being adopted has shaped my views on life in a positive light. It has made me a better person because it really has given me a chance to be exposed to various sides of culture. I was adopted by a white family who are my parents, but was raised on gospel music in a Baptist African American church where I learned not only culture, but also diversity in music, morale and life.

When you party, what are you drinking?

Miller Lite… Peach Ciroc… or 360 Vodka.

What’s the biggest crowd you have ever played for? The smallest?

The smallest is everyday that I sing in the mirror and the largest has been 5,000 people. (Laughs.)

Do you write all of your lyrics?

Most of them. (Laughs.)

A few years ago, the “rap scene” was a dangerous place to be. You aren’t really in the rap scene, but is this scene dangerous? For instance, people getting into fights at shows and what not. Do your shows stay pretty calm?

I will have to say I’ve been blessed to never have a fight at any of my shows… We are a peaceful organic movement… we are not trying to fight, but we want to unite. (Laughs.)

What are you listening to these days? What’s on your iPod?

Everything from Michael Jackson… 2pac… John Mayer… David Guetta… Usher…Linkin Park… Aerosmith… David Correy! (Laughs.)

Not to keep quoting you, but when you said, “Hard work beats talent that doesn’t want to work.” I love that, man. I hope your energy stays that way. With a mentality like that, how are you affecting people that look up to you? What would you say to someone staring up at you wanting to be where you are today?

I aim to affect people looking up to me by simply letting them know that in order to succeed you have to believe in yourself and the things you are setting in motion. Once you mentally decide to embark on a journey you should finish the race as strong as possible and overcome ALL adversity which is the story of my life.

When you were in Indy, where did you eat? We have a ton of great restaurants here in the Circle City.

Due to how big the show was I didn’t get a chance to really check out Indiana the way I would’ve liked to BUT we did check out T.G.I. Friday’s connected to the JW Marriott we stayed at. (Laughs.)

What’s next for you, David? What does 2012 look like?

2012 is the year Urban Rock Records becomes more established and will hopefully be known as one of the biggest independent record labels in the industry and if not this year, then next, but I’m not stopping.

Man, thank you so much for coming to Indy and doing this interview. I could ask you questions all day! In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

First and foremost I would like to thank you Ricky Potts for this dope interview. I also want to give a much appreciated shout out to ChaCha for bringing me to Indiana. I love Indiana like crazy now… Also major shout out to my team Urban Rock Records. Please stay up to date with all of our updates and shows through my website.

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