Brackets For Good: Turning the Idea into Reality

Brackets For Good: Turning the Idea into Reality

The other night, I met my good friend Zeb Wood for dinner in Broad Ripple. We went to Brugge Brasserie for dinner and drinks, and quite frankly all I wanted to do was get caught up. I went to college with Zeb, and it had been a while since we had hung out. We talk on Facebook and Twitter, but it was nice to have an actual conversation!

While we were chatting, he asked me what I thought of Brackets For Good. I had heard the name, but I didn’t really know much about it. The only brackets I know about include college basketball teams. It is March Madness after all. But he continued to tell me about it, the friendly competition it breeds, and the focus behind the concept. Basically, it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

“Non-profits advance through the tournament by scoring more points than their opponent. Every dollar donated is equal to one point, and points reset each round.”

Matt Duncan, David Cornelius, and Matt McIntyre founded Brackets For Good back in November 2011. Brackets For Good is an Indianapolis-based non-profit that hosts online fundraising tournaments for other non-profits at no cost. Participants are matched up on a bracket and “play” one another just like in the NCAA. They earn points when people visit the site and donate. Seems pretty simple. In the end, all participants keep 100% of the donations they receive and the winners receive an additional grand prize. The first tournament actually begins today, on March 5th, 2012.

Below are the non-profits involved in the first Brackets For Good competition:

I actually have some personal interest in IndianaUploaded. There are several guys that I went to college with involved with that organization, and they focus heavily on graphic design and 3D rendering. IndianaUploaded has been a sponsor of presents six bands for six bucks in the past, and I admire everything they are doing. They have a really good looking website too!

“100% of all tournament donations goes to the nonprofit regardless of advancement, and the winning nonprofit will receive a grand prize donation of $5,000 from our title sponsor”

When I was talking with Zeb he mentioned School on Wheels. I wasn’t familiar with them. I asked him for more information and they too have a pretty cool concept. Maybe it was a sign… but that night, on my way home I saw a School on Wheels truck!

Brackets For Good Sponsors

Something like this wouldn’t be possible without sponsors. First up is Dittoe PR. They are the media sponsors, and if anyone is interested in press for Brackets For Good, you can contact Elizabeth Conner at Dittoe PR at 317-202-2280 ext. 21. I know some of the folks over at Dittoe PR, and I was excited to hear that they were supporting this effort.

The title sponsor of Brackets For Good is Bluefish Wireless Management. Each round also has a sponsor. The first round is being sponsored by Boatman Geller Collections. Round two is being sponsored by Marketing Mediators and round three by CHALLONGE.

I know this is the first one, but I see a TON of potential with this concept. I don’t care what non-profit you are involved with, if someone like Brackets For Good gives you the chance to increase your brand AND make money from it… sounds good to me. I am curious to see who wins the first Brackets For Good this spring.

Out of all of those non-profit organizations, which is your favorite? Are you going to donate to help push one of these “teams” into the next round and eventually to the crown?

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