Cherub Release New Album

Cherub Release New Album

In celebration of the imminent release of their new album “MoM & DaD”, Cherub are offering up a free download of Doses and Mimosas. This track is an exciting and progressive take on a modern pop song, delivering a serious punch of power and kick of sass to your eardrums. It’s unique and cutting edge, while still maintaining that danceability and fun that drives Cherub’s sound.

Cherub is a progressive, avante garde, electro-pop duo that is the dance love-child of 80’s funk, and art house indie. The members of Cherub, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, share a love for honest original music and vibrant live performance, with a common goal to share a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love with people across the globe. Cherub’s music is a fresh electrified take on risqué pop music that brings to mind a blend of influential artists like Prince, Cut Copy, and The Dream. With a live show that is bouncing with energy, Cherub dances their way into the hearts of audiences from the first falsetto hook, until the very last delay filters out.

After receiving a warm response worldwide to the digital release on the band’s first record, “Man of the Hour”, and touring throughout the US and Mexico, Cherub has returned to the studio to complete work on their second album “MoM & DaD”, released on February 11, 2012. This new batch of Cherub songs brings a fresh, uptempo electro feel to the familiar pop sensibilities showcased on their first record. Jordan Kelley’s studio production, clever songcraft, and silky smooth falsetto are complimented perfectly by Jason Huber’s live production and tube-driven guitar work.

Cherub’s versatility in songwriting and dance music production blurs conventional genre barriers. Ranging from grooving heartfelt ballads to risqué club bangers, Cherub takes the throwback vibes of old drum machines and washed out keyboards, and marries them with timeless writing and a very modern approach to music production and performance. Playful guitar licks and lush synthesizer textures dance around in the mix, as listeners are treated to sing-a-long hook after hook the entire way through the tunes.

MoM & DaD tracklist:

  1. What I Want
  2. Dear Body
  3. You, Me, and Jodeci
  4. La Casa Del Obispo
  5. xoxo
  6. Monogamy
  7. Roxxy
  8. Doses and Mimosas
  9. Hold Me (ft. Dominic Lalli)
  10. Lynndenberries
  11. All (featuring Natalie Prass)
  12. Don’t Forget Me

Named among Nashville Scene’s “bands that ruled Nashville in 2011 and that will in 2012,” Cherub is looking forward to an exciting new year. Jordan and Jason are looking forward to a busy schedule early this year, with the release of “MoM & DaD”, a performance at the Snowball Music Festival in March already announced, and plans to tour throughout spring 2012 and the summer music festival season. Cherub’s debut album “Man of the Hour” is available for free download at Elm and Oak, and stay tuned for more news regarding Cherub’s new album “MoM & DaD”.