FS Releases Debut Solo Album

FS Releases Debut Solo Album “Half Android”

FS is a producer, composer, and musician based out of Brooklyn, New York. At age 10, he was DJing, playing piano and guitar, and his fascination with electronics and music began while constructing his first home-built mixer out of an Atari, spare circuitry, and a few switches. True to his signature sound, FS delivers electro-glitch-ridden and intricately, bass-driven production. Recent chart topping include Yup and Touch O Klass both hitting #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep chart, Bass Monster hitting #2 and Shake Dat Ass hitting #4, among other countless collaborations and remixes.

His first album, “Half Android”, is an exploration between man and machine and pushes the sonic boundaries and intricacies of dubstep and bass music. His process: half programming and half deconstructed, seal-sampled, live instruments. A constant struggle between musician and robot, “Half Android” reveals this dichotomy between the architecture of creating music, and the human experience of interfacing with the world through technology, and it is the welcomed challenge that continues to inspire and drive FS as an artist. Masterfully crafted and defying expectations, his unique vision is joined by guests Rahzel (The Roots), Calvertron (Rottun, Jack Knife), Reid Speed (Play Me Records), and NapoleonSolo (ISWHAT?!, Patriarch Recordings).

FS has toured the world playing festivals such as Coachella, Mount Fuji Rock, World Sound Fest, Audiotistric Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and more. FS has shared the stage with the likes of Sting, The Roots, St. Germain, Run-DMC, Burning Spear, A Tribe Called Quest, and Moby. He gained critical acclaim in the EDM scene with his ground breaking band Ming + FS, releasing the seminal album “Hell’s Kitchen” on Om Records, as well as four full length albums and over thirty 12″ singles. Soon after he founded record label and creative agency, Patriarch Recordings, producing indie artists and scoring music for movie trailers, TV and film.

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