An octopus has three hearts.

An octopus has three hearts. Oh, and blue blood.

Did you know an octopus has thee hearts? Stuff like this just amazes me. I learned how to scuba dive a couple of years ago, and just love seeing what lives below the surface. I have been diving all over the world and am hooked… I love the water. I have been to the Bahamas, Aruba, and will be diving in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas and La Paz) this June. I haven’t seen an octopus, but I am sure there is one somewhere I am going soon.

But yeah, an octopus has three hearts. This class of invertebrate includes the octopus, squid, and the cuttlefish. My good friend Ron Watkins is a professional underwater photographer and got some sweet shots of a cuttlefish on a recent dive trip. Anyway, the octopus has one central systematic heart and two branchial hearts.

Oh, and get this… an octopus bleeds blue. Yeah. Blue blood! The blue blood uses hemocyanin, a protein that contains copper. Human blood contains iron-rich hemoglobin.

Huh… learn something new every day.