Ling Valentine: Want a cheap new lease car?

Ling Valentine: Want a cheap new lease car?

A few weeks ago, I was just surfing the web and I found the worst website in the world. I’m serious, this website has won awards for being the worst website out there. Just spend a few minutes on the site, and you will see what I mean. It is so bad, it’s good. I liked it so much, I started to research the company and eventually found myself in the live chat. Before I knew it, I was chatting with Ling Valentine. Ling is a Chinese immigrant living in the UK and from the looks of it, she is doing well. On her Twitter page, she says, “I speak Chinglish, own the “BEST” website in the world. I’m real, reply and bite. Cars etc.” From emails with Ling, that pretty much sums it up. I’m glad I found the site, and I am stoked to introduce you to Ling Valentine, boss of

So I have no idea how I found you. But I am glad I did. So tell me a little bit more about

LINGsCARS is the Uk’s favorite car leasing company, supplying all makes and types of cars to credit-worthy UK consumers and businesses.

The website is… well, it’s bad. It’s real bad. BUT it works. It might be the worst website I have ever seen, but one that I can’t stop looking at. Who handles the website? How often are you guys updating it?

I do most of the website design myself. My website is, in fact, beautiful. Behind the scenes, I have two full-time IT gurus who maintain the code and content and features. LINGsCARS allows customers to find more information than any other car leasing website and have more fun while they are doing that. It converts a large number of visitors into customers, and the service level is the best in the UK motor industry. There is a large customer service website called LINGO behind the car-deal advertising website. LINGO is secure, allows customers to chat and upload information securely and is the best CRM in the UK motor industry. Customers love to get cars from LINGsCARS.

I see you are running a “Kim Jong” deal right now. Don’t you think it’s too soon?

It is never too soon to make fun of North Korea.

You and I first talked on your website’s live chat. Do you drive a lot of business from the live chat? No pun intended!

Live chat is great; it enables immediate questions and answers to be discussed and gives immediate access to me and my team. Very few UK motor websites provide such a service.

You were on TV? When? What show?

I was on BBC Dragons’ Den in February 2007, though it is repeated frequently on Dave (TV channel). I took part in a follow-up in 2011 with Duncan Bannatyne. I refused two offers of Dragon investment in my business.

So… what is Dragons’ Den?

It’s a popular BBC TV show where businesses pitch for investment.

I am going to be in London this fall. Have you ever been to London? What about Dublin? That’s close by.

I go to London a couple of times a year; it is 3 hours away by train. Mainly to eat Chinese food in Chinatown. I have never been to Dublin.

The bus… what is the bus all about?

I have now sold my London Routemaster bus to make room for my small tank. I used the bus as a mobile office, and to support my sponsorship of UK Rallycross, visiting the race circuits. That bus was lovely!

Do you really offer free delivery on every car?

Yes, free car delivery to anywhere in the UK (except the Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland).

Has anyone ever gotten all 12 questions right?

A few people (but not many) have completed the LINGsCARS quiz correctly. I offer a free car as the prize (but don’t get too excited).

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive an Audi A5 Cabriolet.

What is the £ exchange rate? I have dollar bills here in the United States.

UK £ is very cheap at the moment.

Let’s say that I want to rent a Jeep for a week. What’s my rate? Any hidden fees?

You can’t get a car for a week. I only rent cars for minimum 1-year (more often I rent for 2 or 3 years).

I drive a Smart car. Do you guys lease those?

Smartie cars are difficult to get at the moment due to low build levels.

Oh, nice. I want a badge. How can I get one of those?

Do a small 3-question quiz on my badge page ( ), to win a Ling badge.

What happens if my car breaks down?

A new car will be covered by full manufacturer’s warranty and manufacturer’s roadside assistance.

I see you are all over Twitter. Who runs your Twitter account?

Me. It is me typing on Twitter. I am real, cars are real, LINGsCARS car leasing website is real.

Where did the saying “Wah!” come from?

“Wah” is what people say, in China, when they trap their fingers in a door.

I see you have a DIY credit check on your site. Do people need good credit to lease a car?

Yes, you need good credit to lease a car. I do not supply sub-prime car deals.

What is the legal driving age over there in the UK?


What’s next? What do you have planned for 2012?

I have a business supplying clothes to China which is going well, and I have expansion planned at LINGsCARS. I have recently recruited 2 more members of staff and sales volumes are up.

Ling, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Well, what a shame I cannot lease cars to people like you from the USA, but it’s always fun to chat to visitors on my website.  If you want a car from LINGsCARS, feel free to move to the UK, pass the UK driving test, and contact me.

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