Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dot Dot Dot

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dot Dot Dot

A couple of months ago, I went down to Bloomington to see Fitz and The Tantrums with my buddy Braden. It was a free show at The Bluebird, and I was stoked to see them perform. When we got there, I saw a poster for Dot Dot Dot, a cover band that I have heard a lot of great things about. They were there later that week. I had never seen them, but knew they put on a good show. We got in, grabbed a drink, and found a place to stand. Sure enough Dot Dot Dot was opening up for Fitz and The Tantrums! I couldn’t believe it. They put on a great show, and I was blown away by the energy they had on stage. I ended up seeing another buddy there that night, and he said their performance was usually better than that. No way! It was great. Anyway, as we were leaving I saw one of the band members. I ran over, introduced myself, and requested an interview. So here we are! It is my absolute pleasure to be sitting with and introducing you to Dot Dot Dot!

I LOVE the name. Where did Dot Dot Dot come from?

This question is asked in every interview and it typically depends on who you are talking to. Everyone will give you a different answer. The true story is I (Adam ) stole the name from a 16-year-old I was teaching drums to. His band . . . (although they just used … without spelling it) broke up and I asked if we could use it. He said, “Yes”.

You guys recently opened up for Fitz & the Tantrums. How did you land on that bill?

Mr. Dave Kubiak loves us!

Songs like Smile and Around The World (and Back) have some pretty incredible lyrics. Who writes all of your lyrics?

That would be me and me is Adam.

You guys make a lot of noise on stage. Where do you practice?

We are lucky enough to practice in the basement of Lisa’s place. We practice whenever we get a chance to.

“I”. “II”. “III”. What’s the deal with the EP titles?

We had decided to release 3 EPs instead of one record. We wanted to constantly put out new music. Plus our schedule is pretty busy, so it doesn’t leave a lot of time for recording. The titles were to keep it simple “I”, “II” and “III”.

You guys are sponsored by PRS Guitars, GMS Drum Co., ModTone… how did you get hooked up with so many great sponsors? What all do these sponsors provide you?

(Adam) We approached most because of our love for those companies. Apparently we passed whatever requirements they have and they decided to back us. Some of them gave us things for free and some offer artist deals to make it affordable for us to have.

(Marty) I’m provided the opportunity to play the best drums in the world! I’m also offered support as an artist (deals, touring support, etc.)

It’s rare to see a band with this much energy. How do you keep that energy going night after night?

(Adam) Well I would say it’s do or die every night for us. I feel like if people are gonna take times out of there lives to see  us than we need to give them the best show possible. Its a crazy time in this world and we want to make people smile for a few hours. Maybe our next product endorsement should be Starbucks!

(Marty) Starbucks!

You are all over the social networks. You are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… who runs all of these social media accounts?

(Adam) The amazing Marty Kane!

(Marty) Me (Marty) – I have no social life otherwise!

What makes YOU smile?

(Adam) (Laughs.) Very sweet of you to ask!

(Marty) Our fans whom we call friends!

I think what makes us smile is getting to do what we love for a living. We used to do this same thing in our parents basement and now we get paid for it. Our fans have given us one heck of a life.

You guys do a lot of covers. How do you pick a song you want to cover? Are there any legal obligations between you and the original artist?

Song selection comes down to what we think we can make our own and what we can do well. As for legal obligations, there are not but honestly there are so many bands earning a living off other peoples music I am surprised it’s not regulated somehow.

What is your favorite cover song to do?

That constantly changes.

You guys are playing all over the Midwest. Do any of you have jobs outside of music?

We are lucky enough to play music for a living.

Who has the most tattoos?

I think either Rose or me.

From signed drumsticks to beer bottle cap magnets, you guys have a ton of merchandise. Do you carry that stuff with you to every show? Oh, and I forgot… foam fingers!

A lot of the shows we have a pretty full selection of merchandise. If not you can always con one of us to get some stuff out of the van.

What’s the biggest crowd you have ever played for? What about the smallest?

Well, 2 million people every week on the show and 20 thousand when we opened for President Obama . The smallest was maybe 10 people in Birmingham, Alabama. It was actually one of our best shows!

You live in Chicago… are you a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan?

(Marty) CUBS!

It gets hot up there… what are you drinking on stage?

(Adam) All depends on the member. I drink water or tea.

(Marty) I’m a fan of Bell’s Amber and water.

You were invited to perform at a presidential rally in 2010. Was President Obama at the show?

We had actually met him in LA a year or so before that. But we left as he was getting there because we had another show that night .

Who are some of your favorite bands? What’s on your iPod right now?

(Adam) Hollywood Kills, AM Taxi, Wayland, Sleeper Star, Green River Ordinance , The Scissors, Kill Hannah, V Sparks…

(Marty) Butch Walker, Strung Out, Sleigh Bells, Rise Against, Miles Davis (‘60s era), The Head and the Heart…

I don’t watch the show, but how did you get hooked up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

A friend of ours gave the music department at Bunium/Murray our music. We will also be in Bad Girls Club.

You guys have an email list. How often do you send out emails to your fans?

We send out an email and a free song every month.

What clubs do you like in the Windy City?

(Adam) We love Bottom Lounge, the House Of Blues and Schubas Tavern.

Tell me about your experience on The Next Great American Band.

It was a hell of a way for five people to get to know each other after being together for 5 months.

I love the video for Around the World (and Back). Where did you guys come up with the idea for that video?

It was the genius of Byran Brinkman.

What’s next for Dot Dot Dot? Any big plans for 2012?


Dot Dot Dot

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