DJ & Producer A-Trak: Don't Push My Buttons

DJ & Producer A-Trak: Don’t Push My Buttons

A-Trak, the world-renowned musical tastemaker and cultural curator, has added a much-needed voice to the ongoing “button pushing” debate within the greater electronic music community. The Fool’s Gold Records co-founder cut his teeth winning world DJ championships in his early teens, and continues to hold court as a GRAMMY-nominated producer and a globetrotting festival fixture.

“Real DJing lives when you witness someone play for hours and take risks, reading the crowd and surprising them at the same time. On festival stages, it makes sense to use fool-proof equipment and put together a spectacular show.” A-Trak

Writing for his blog on the essential Internet-only news source, The Huffington Post, A-Trak insightfully examines the changing role of the DJ in the era of laptops and light shows. Within the first 24 hours, his post had received over 8,000 Facebook shares alongside retweets from some of the biggest names in dance music, solidifying his place as the definitive spokesperson for contemporary DJ culture.

Don’t Push My Buttons