Now On Tap: Granite Mountain Brewing

Now On Tap: Granite Mountain Brewing

A few weeks ago, we went up north to Prescott, Arizona. We had a day off, and wanted to see some town nearby that we hadn’t visited. There is a lot to do in Prescott, from Prescott Brewing Company to Whiskey Row. We wouldn’t be bored, that was certain. But we got there, and ended up bouncing around town all day. We started at the Prescott Brewing Company, a beer that is canned and available all over the Valley. Then we went hiking. It wasn’t much of a hike, but it was fun to see the mountains up close and personal. After we finished that, we headed to Granite Mountain Brewing, a small brewery right around the corner from the Prescott Brewing Company.

We walked in, sat down, and realized they had Jenga. We had to play that. Seems to be a trend with bars around here… but some have life-size blocks, and that is way more fun. We ordered a flight of beers. Like I said, they are a small operation, but they had five beers on tap. The beers included:

Bradshaw Blonde
With 300+ days of sunshine a year, this style is always in season! Easy-drinking and approachable, this golden ale starts with a soft malty sweetness and light hints of toast and caramel; it’s well-balanced and lightly flavored with subtle, earthy hop varieties, finishing with a refreshing smoothness. What’s not to love?

American IPA (Specialty)
This copper-colored American IPA starts with sweet, malty notes of honey and caramel and yields to a pungent hop flavor with a pleasantly bitter finish. This hoppy brew boasts a crisp aroma of grapefruit, tangerine, and pine derived from a hearty dose of Northwest Coast hop blend in the conditioning tank.

Lordy Gordy Pumpkin Ale (Specialty)
Thirty-two pounds of Collier Farm grown pumpkin, along with fresh-ground cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg have transformed into a perfectly delectable seasonal brown ale.

Thumb Butte American Brown Ale
An American-style brown ale, this beer highlights roasted malt undertones of chocolate and dark caramel, and a citrusy Cascade hop character. Born of a style pioneered by American home brewers, this bold and hoppy brown is sure to please.

Muddy Wash Milk Stout
What the best-known stout may have tasted like had Arthur Guinness been born in Vermont. Slightly sweeter than its well-known cousin from Ireland, owning to a lighter hop schedule and the use of un-fermentable milk sugar.

(The comments about each beer were listed on a tasting sheet we received when we ordered the beers.)

The beers were really good. I was impressed. They haven’t been open long, but do have plans to expand in the future. I asked if being so close to Prescott Brewing Co. was tough, but they said everyone helps out and it wasn’t about competition, but about making good craft beer. That is a true statement as to what the craft beer scene is all about.

The American IPA and the Lordy Gourdy Pumpkin Ale are specialty beers for Granite Mountain. They don’t/won’t always have those, but will keep the other three on tap. Having tried several pumpkin beers this year, I was impressed with their pumpkin ale. The Dogfish Head Punkin and the Smashed Pumpkin from Shipyard are the best available… but this one is a nice take on a pumpkin ale. I was pleased.

I was also pleased with the Muddy Wash Milk Stout and the Thumb Butte American Brown Ale. I am not typically a big fan of brown ales, but this one was tasty. If I am going to order brown ale, I will order a Moose Drool.

Granite Mountain has more than just good beer. They also have a mug club. With a mug club membership, you receive the following:

  • GMB logo mug that will hang on the mug tree in the taproom
  • $1 off all pints
  • GMB logo t-shirt
  • 10% of all merchandise
  • Special invitations to events and keg tappings

The membership is good for one year.

We enjoyed walking around Prescott. Apparently they filmed some of Back To The Future there. I haven’t seen the movie, but that might be a reason to watch! We also liked walking into all of the antique stores near the brewery. It was just a neat little town, and everyone we came across was really nice. If you are ever in Prescott, make sure you see the Prescott Brewing Company… but you MUST stop by Granite Mountain Brewing. Their atmosphere is better, their beer is better, and they are a new small operation that needs (deserves) attention. I wish them the best of luck in their journey, and I can’t wait to get back and try more of their specialty beers. Prost!