Tritonal vs Super8 & Tab: ARC - Out On November 19

Tritonal vs Super8 & Tab: ARC – Out On November 19

After a successful phase 1 of their joint North American tour, trance duos Tritonal and Super8 & Tab are ready to release the tour’s namesake – their collaboration, “ARC”. Out November 19 on Air Up There Recordings, “ARC” is a dance floor ready, big-room progressive house track with trancey undertones and showcases the energy the pairs have unleashed from coast to coast this fall.

“Most of the work on “ARC” was done over Skype and file sharing,” says Dave Reed of Tritonal. “But when we had a several day break from the tour, Miika (Super8) and Janne (Tab) stayed in Austin and we finished up the track together at the Tritonal studio.”

From sold out nights in LA, Seattle and Denver, the “ARC” tour has delivered fans a rare opportunity to see two of electronic dance music’s most prolific productions pairs back to back. To transition from one set to the next, all four members of Tritonal and Super8 & Tab congregate on the decks while “ARC” sends the crowd into a frenzy. It’s been a staple of the tour and sets the night apart from any other kind of club-going experience.

“The track has gotten a huge reaction in every city,” says Miika Eloranta, one half of Super8 & Tab. “The fans get to see all of us on stage while they hear the track for the first time live.” The idea for a joint Tritonal/Super8 & Tab tour came about after the duos sold out the Exchange LA together back in February.

“We knew we had something special after that,” says Chad Cisneros from Tritonal. “We decided to collaborate on a track and tour the US to promote it.” A collision of signature and experimental sounds, “ARC” is the result of two super-talents pushing their production capabilities to the max.

Click here to preview “ARC”, out November 19, 2012.