Gabriel & Dresden Invade Marquee Las Vegas

Gabriel & Dresden Invade Marquee Las Vegas

Sin City is my happy place. I try to visit three or four times a year. In a few weeks, I am headed back to Las Vegas. This time I am traveling as a tourist. I am going to be hitting up the Neon Museum, doing a tour of the Hoover Dam, playing 18 holes at TPC Las Vegas, and dancing at some of the biggest clubs on the strip. My buddies Scott and Jeremy are also coming to town for a weekend of debauchery. When the sun goes down we will be dancing the night away at clubs like Pure, LAX, and Seville. We will also be checking out a show at Marquee Las Vegas.

We will be at Marquee on Friday, December 14th. They have a busy weekend that weekend, with names like Dirty South and Redfoo performing. But on Friday, I can’t wait to check out Gabriel & Dresden. I interviewed them last September, and am excited to see how their set has changed over the last 12 months. Danny Avila will join them for a night of unforgettable electronic dance music. Tickets are now on sale, and bottle service is also available.

To help prepare for their set at Marquee, I sat down with the two again . They have a new single out titled “Play It Back” and are already making plans for a massive New Year’s Eve celebration. I can’t wait to see them live later this month, and I am excited to catch up with the two. Come on people, let’s dance!

Marquee is one of the hottest clubs on the planet. What is your favorite part of that club?
Everything, really. They spared no expense in trying to give everyone from the seasoned raver to the Midwest housewife in town for a bachelorette party an experience they won’t soon forget. For us we really love the light show, it really blows you away!

Tell me more about the new single Play It Back featuring Betsie Larkin?
This song began its life after the A State of Trance 550 show in Holland this year. All three of us were in Amsterdam to perform and so we decided to go into the studio and see what happens. We started with the lyrics. Betsie had an idea about writing about her grandfather who recently passed away. All three of us kept adding lyrics to the pot until we had a fully written song. This took the entire day.

We then met again in June in Austin to record vocals. This was immediately after performing at EDC Las Vegas so we were full of ideas and inspiration. This was where we decided to add our voices to the harmonies in the chorus. We were so excited about what we recorded that we immediately hit our laptops and started producing the song. We took our time with it and spent the summer producing the two versions. This was done mostly in hotel rooms all over the world and tested each new change out at our shows.

After Vegas, you are headed down to Mexico City and then you are off for the holidays. But you have a pretty epic show for NYE. Got anything big planned?
We always treat New Years as a way to rewind the best music from the year. We will probably make a few remixes of non-dance music songs to play on the night. We are playing at the Amphitheatre in Tampa, which we have never played at but have heard greet things about from Above & Beyond.

Looks like you are obsessed with Instagram. I LOVE that app. How has using that app helped you connect with fans?
Instagram has become our favorite social network. It has created so many new and easy ways of expressing who we are as artists through photographs and images. It is also great to post pictures  from the show, images celebrating our legacy, the story of life on the road. Take one picture on Instagram and load up your other social networks with beautiful content. We can’t say enough great things about it.

When you are in Vegas, do you guys ever gamble? What is your favorite part about Sin City?
We are not gamblers. We are studio nerds and usually spend our time in the hotel working on music. We also love the selection of food choices that exist. When we were single there was a lot of sinning in sin city. But now we are both taken men we lay low and make beats.