DJ Muggs: Free Download: New Sound Boy Killa EP

DJ Muggs Free Download: New Sound Boy Killa EP

Legendary hip-hop producer DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Soul Assassins, etc.) brings his unique new production soundscapes to his new Sound Boy Killa EP that premiered as a free download recently on The Music Ninja. The release is jacked with dizzying vocal manipulations, pulsing strands of gangster trap, washes of drum and bass, and features collaborations with Sunny Cheeba and 6 Blocc.

Though light on length, this release is darker and more demented than his upcoming Bass For Your Face LP, set for January 15th release on Ultra Music. Still, both of his new releases share the blending of futuristic drumlines and the bass of grinding electronic music with the grounded fundamentals of underground hip-hop for two of the most evocative, densely packed releases to descend on 2013.

With Bass For Your Face (Ultra Music), the LA producer turns his considerable hard-won skills and discerning ear to dubstep, glitch, dub electronics in 12 original tracks featuring rising stars of hip-hop, a grime legend, a hip-hop god – but also an unknown Finnish singer discovered on SoundCloud. It’s not a typical hip-hop album, or a dubstep collection for that matter. It’s a 21st century hip-hop album built on futuristic dubstep production technique featuring rappers and vocalists operating on the leading edge of the underground. It’s safe to say it could only exist in 2013.

For Bass For Your Face, Muggs went back to the drawing board and completely reinvented his production style. There are multiple bass tones and drum sounds constructed from scratch (rather than James Brown kits or sample sets). Exploring a new process that includes the meticulous building of sounds was a welcome experience for the veteran producer. Don’t misunderstand, Muggs hasn’t fled hip-hop – he has made 4 hip-hop tracks on the day you’re reading this. But he recognizes that electronic music as a genre has massive potential in contrast to a strictly underground sound.

Recording for roughly 6 months between tours, Muggs came away with nearly 40 tracks. Some bonus cuts can be heard on the two free EPs he’s dropped as a prelude to Bass for Your Face. Fashion brand Mishka exclusively premiered the free Soundclash Business EP in November featuring ultra-hip up-and-comers A$AP Rocky and Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids. Coupled with this new Sound Boy Killa EP from DJ Muggs, you’ll hear a rawer face of Muggs doing dubstep as a prelude to the Bass For Your Face long-player.

Only time will tell how hip-hop purists accept this new DJ Muggs production. Muggs says, “This is what has inspired me to go forward and want to make music at this point. This is what I feel like doing.” To be an artist and inspire the next generation, there’s only one rule in the world of DJ Muggs – there are no boundaries, keep on pushing.

DOWNLOAD Sound Clash Business featuring A$AP Rocky and Chuck Inglish of Cool Kids