Tytanium Sessions: Interview with Sean Tyas

Tytanium Sessions: Interview with Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas is probably getting sick of talking to me! Since moving to the Valley, I have been writing for Relentless Beats. They are the obvious leader of electronic dance music in the Valley, and are putting on shows at venues all over Scottsdale. A few weeks ago, Sean was coming to town, so we sat down for an interview to promote the show. You can read the entire interview here. I figured since we were chatting, I would request another interview for my blog. I have interviewed him before, but that was a long time ago. You can read that interview here. So we scheduled another interview. This time we chatted about the new Myspace, the growth of Tytanium Sessions, and more. I always enjoy chatting with Sean. Let’s hope he isn’t sick of chatting with me!

How is your winter going? Did you guys have a nice Christmas?

Superb. I headed back to New York with my kids to celebrate with my family back there. Saw everyone we intended to; some we hadn’t seen in years. Definitely festive!

There were a lot of great tracks released in 2012. Is it possible to pick a favorite?

For me, something by Far Too Loud. I’d say best artist of the year.

You had a successful 2012. What things do you have planned for 2013?

More learning and pushing to try new things. Tytanium Recordings is off to a great start, so also searching for other artists that think outside the box and are not afraid to try new things!

Tytanium Sessions has a milestone coming up. A lot of guys are not putting as much effort into radio shows and podcasts. What is your motivation to keep going?

I have a real loving relationship with my show and the listeners. Some listeners have been with me from the first episode, and some even further back as I used to run shows before I merged them into a more focused Tytanium Sessions. It’s bringing the music to the listeners each week that I love.

From Electric Zoo to Ultra Music Festival, you are all over the place. Do you prefer playing festivals or do you like playing clubs?

At this point I may go out on a limb here and say I might like festivals more lately. I think they bestow on people this really great “celebratory” attitude that isn’t always noticed at clubs. It can be really magical.

Your NYE was pretty epic at Passion in the UK. Did you celebrate with a champagne toast at midnight?

Actually it was Prosecco. (Laughs.)

You were recently here in the Valley. How did that show go? Do you like Wild Knight?

That was awesome. I haven’t been to Scottsdale for a while, and from what I remember it wasn’t like THAT  Since the dance music explosion in America, it has really blossomed. I was really not prepared for the tremendous night it turned out to be!

Did you enjoy working with Relentless Beats?

Really smooth experience and looking forward to playing for Relentless again!

Did you have fun working with Julie Thompson on What I Am?

Yeah, that whole process went very well for What I Am, and we are already doing a second track now, though its more of a piano ballad/progressive feeling one.

I am not familiar with Burn The Fire. Tell me a little bit more about your relationship with them.

Burn The Fire is a very cool label based out of LA owned by Cold Blank. The guys have been awesome with me and we are looking at doing some work together this year.

It looks like Myspace is making a come back. Have you signed up for the “new” Myspace yet?

First I’ve heard anyone mention it. Is it any good?

Outside of releasing new tracks and an impressive tour schedules, what else do you have planned for 2013?

A couple of collaborations that people are already waiting for (some “followups”)  and just plainly, more new music!

You are probably getting sick of me. This is the second interview we have done in the last few weeks! As with the others, in all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

It was interesting to spend an extended period of time in USA last month, and was able to really check out what music has been “blowing up” on BPM and Area.  And the amount of music from those stations that make it onto mainstream FM radio is astounding. Though most of it was VERY “safe” stuff, it’s still dance music and still amazingly produced stuff nonetheless, not a soul can argue that. I simply can’t wait to see if USA can still continue to lead this charge for the a kinda global resurgence of dance music.