Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Amy Rose

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Amy Rose

I have no idea how I connected with Michael Stover, but he introduced me to Amy Rose. When he called her the “Redneck Princess” and I was hooked. Being from a small town, I understand what it means to be a redneck. Think beyond the Jeff Foxworthy jokes, and to the Friday night football games tailgating until the sun goes down. Needless to say, I was excited to learn more about Amy and her work. I headed to her website and listened to a few tracks, and was immediately impressed. She is an incredible songwriter, has an unforgettable voice, and produces songs that are worth listening to. She is a 3 time Independent Country Music Association award nominee, as well as an Country Music Association of Ontario award nominee. Her single, “I Just Want You To Know” hit #9 on the New Music Weekly country chart, and it is currently #85 on the MusicRow chart. That is just the beginning of Amy Rose. I will stop talking because it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Amy Rose.

Amy Rose might be the perfect name! Is that your real name?

Yes…  Amy is my first name and Rose is my middle name.

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Midland, Ontario (Canada!!!)

I am from a small town… so I should know the answer to this. But tell me, how does one party like a redneck?

Anyway they want…  There are no rules!!! (Laughs.)

You are a 2013 Country Music Association of Ontario award nominee. I am not familiar with that association. Can you tell me more about it? What does this award mean to you?

The Country Music Association of Ontario is a fairly new organization that focuses on country artists from the province of Ontario. It would be great to win because it is voted on by other people in the association. Even being nominated is an honour… (Yes, that is how they spell honor in Canada!)

Speaking of awards, you are also a 2013 Independent Country Music Association award nominee. Looks like 2013 is your year. What do these awards mean to you as a musician?

Just being recognized for the work I do is such an honour!!!

Do you write all of your lyrics?

No… I have started song writing. I co-wrote Redneck Reunion with my producers Marty Beecroft and Glenn Coulson and I am working on some new ones as well…  I also get songs submitted to me by other songwriters.

There are a lot of big names in country music. Who are some of your favorite artists?

By far it is Dolly…  She is the best!!! Patsy Cline is also one of my favourites. I am also a big fan of Reba and Carrie Underwood. (She spelled favorite wrong, too!)

Tell me more about your relationship with MTS Management Group.

Michael Stover of MTS Management Group is probably one of the most incredible people I know. I’m a firm believer that surrounding yourself with great people will help you achieve greatness in life. Everything great happening in my career right now is the product of a hard working, very motivated and determined manager. HE IS AMAZING!!!

You are all over Facebook and Twitter. Do you manage all of those accounts?

Yes! I love to connect with my fans online.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Back when I was starting out, plastic pants were all the rage, so I had a pair. On stage, bent over and… well you figure it out. My drummer got a view he soon won’t soon forget!

On Friday, June 7th, you will be performing live at BB King’s in Nashville, TN during the 2013 CMA Music Festival. Got anything big planned for that show?

You will just have to come by and find out!

Tell me about your band.

I have amazing players that I work with. They are fun loving and energetic… You need that with the people you play with.

What were you doing the first time you heard your music on the radio?

I was going through a drive-thru Wendy’s, at lunch and the local country station has an all request listener lunch. Then all of a sudden I hear, “lookin at your picture” and I realize, “Hey that’s me…”  There is no better feeling.

Your new single is available on iTunes and on Amazon. Where else can fans download your music?

I know it is available on other download sites, but I am not sure of them all. I’m kinda like a bad rash; I’m everywhere now. (Laughs)

Fans can basically book you on your Facebook page. Tell me more about that offering. How often do you get booked on Facebook?

It’s something new that we’re trying.  I’m not sure that fans understand the concept yet. So, it hasn’t really happened yet.

I haven’t seen you live… yet. What can fans expect from a live performance?

Lots of fun, lots of energy, and depending on the venue, lots of alcohol! (Laughs.)

What was it like working with Sony Tree Studios?

AMAZING!!! The scope of the talent in that room is indescribable.

You are working on your third studio album. Is it possible to pick a favorite track that you have recoded? What is your most meaningful track you have produced?

All the tracks are meaningful to me, because I was involved in every aspect of the procedure, but the most meaningful would be “Redneck Reunion”, because it is based on my family and I had a big hand in writing it.

Your music video for “Redneck Reunion” has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Did you ever think that video would have so much success?

No, but I love it!

Amy Rose – Redneck Reunion (Party Like A Redneck)

Speaking of that video, where did you shoot that? Do you know all of the people dancing around in the video?

It was shot at a farm just south of Barrie, Ontario. Everyone in that video was either friend or family, with the exception of three of the dancers, but they were friends of the forth one, who is a family friend.

We have talked about rednecks quite a bit… what is your definition of a redneck?

There is no definition. As Jeff Foxworty put it, “If you (insert here), you might be a redneck.”  There are so many things that you could insert.

What’s next for Amy Rose?

Just finishing up my next single, “Sunshine”, which is being released in Canada at the end of July. “Redneck Reunion” was just released in the U.S.  With Nashville, and many other shows coming, things will be busy…

Thank you for doing this. I know you are busy. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

For every one person that doesn’t want you to make it in the industry, there are a hundred more out there that do. Stay positive, keep motivated and follow your heart, because I am living proof that dreams do come true!

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