Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Cosmic Gate

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Cosmic Gate

When Wake Your Mind first came out, it was all I could listen to. The album is just filled with incredible dance tracks. They a few remixes start popping up, and they went on the road to support the new release. A few weeks ago, when a deluxe edition came out, I took a trip down memory lane dancing in my chair to tracks like “Be Your Sound” featuring the sensational Emma Hewitt, “Flying Blind” featuring my buddy JES, and the title track “Wake Your Mind” featuring the vocals of the one and only Cary Brothers. The video to that is also incredible. I was so impressed with the album I wanted to interview the guys. It was fun chatting with them about the new release, their tour, and some new tracks they are working on. They are one of the biggest names in electronic dance music, and Wake Your Mind is an instant classic. I am going to be listening to this album for a long time, and I am SO excited to have them with me here today. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Cosmic Gate.

Wake Your Mind just went deluxe. I must say I can’t stop listening to the new release. How is this release different this time around? Why did you decide to release a deluxe edition?

The Deluxe Edition release simply contains the best of Wake Your Mind. Basically, that means we released the complete original album, the best remixes, some so far unreleased remixes, the videos of the singles, and some more bonus material on top. We thought there was so much new material that it needed to get a proper release, thinking it’s a must have for every fan, and hopefully new fans in the making!

The release features remixes from Ferry Corsten, W&W, Tritonal, Orjan Nilsen. Explain what it’s like having other massive names in electronic dance music remix your work.

It’s always fantastic when such appreciated colleagues and friends take their time to remix our music. We are really happy with how the remixes turned out, always fun to play them in our set and one of the reasons the Deluxe Edition gets received so well.

“Be Your Sound” and the title track “Wake Your Mind” are my two favorite singles on the release. Is it possible for you guys to pick a favorite?

This is hard to say; this changes with the mood we are in. It also changed in the surrounding we listen to the album in, same it seems with people listening to it. We heard already every track of Wake Your Mind mentioned as someones favorite track on the album, which makes us hope we produced a good album from A to Z.

Cosmic Gate & Cary Brothers – Wake Your Mind (Official Music Video)

Do you play “Wake Your Mind” in all your live sets?

We have a big repertoire of tracks and remixes done during the years, plus we of course love to play out other producers tracks, so we don’t play it in every set to have a bit of a variety.

There are a lot of great clubs out there… but do you have a favorite? Do you prefer playing clubs or festivals?

Indeed, there are a lot of amazing clubs out there, and that’s why we really cannot just mention one club here. About the second part of your question, we like both, festival sets are shorter and more filled with highlights, while a club set in average is longer, that’s why its possible to play a bit of a real set building music up and down and the contact to the crowd is closer and you get a better vibe and a more intimate energy, so both is great in its way and we wouldn’t want to miss it.

Having more than one DJ in the booth seems to be a trend in EDM right now. Does it ever get crowded up there?

Well, we have been doing it for fourteen years now, and indeed it gets crowded up there sometimes too much! Some DJ booths are simply designed for one DJ and not a duo, and then we sometimes have to be careful not to knock the other guy out while clapping or put the arms in the air, but so far we always both survived the gigs! (Laughs.)

Your tour schedule is pretty full for the month of May. You are all over the place from Columbia to Singapore. Do you have any big plans for the summer? Are you taking Wake Your Mind on the road?

We actually have Wake Your Mind on the road since the album got released at first, and we still continue with it, the reactions are great so we still see you guys in the summer hopefully waking some minds.

I just love the lyrics to the single “Wake Your Mind”. Who wrote the lyrics for that track?

The song is written and also gets performed by our man Cary Brothers, a super talented singer/songwriter from LA that actually is doing more independent and rock stuff, but we think his vocal fits perfect to the more progressive feel of “Wake Your Mind”. That track is one of our favorites from the album as well.

Las Vegas has become a center for EDM in the United States. You guys are playing the Marquee pool this May. What keeps you guys coming back to Sin City?

To play Vegas is always big fun. People come there just to relax and party, so for us it’s always a stop we don’t want to miss. We are fine playing Vegas during the day at pool parties and at night in the nightclubs.

You have done a lot of work with Emma Hewitt. What’s it like working with her?

After all the work and the numerous gigs we have played with Emma, she is kind of a part of our family meanwhile! She is simply super talented and skilled, and we always have much fun hanging out with her, means, you guys sure have not heard our last cooperation track together for sure…

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound

What’s next for Cosmic Gate?

We just started working on new music, a new single, one cooperation track on top besides this, we will start our own radio show/podcast pretty soon, lets keep your ears open, it won’t be long.

Thanks for doing this, guys. I know you are resting up for a busy summer. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Go ahead “Wake Your Mind”, we won’t tell!!!

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