Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with BITPARTY

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with BITPARTY

I need to start this interview with an apology. I reached out to these guys a LONG time ago, and they have been nothing but receptive. I am the one that dropped the ball. But after a laundry list of excuses, I am finally ready to post this interview. Now, let’s move on. BITPARTY. What a great name. I have no idea how I was introduced to these guys, but they are producing some massive remixes with some of the biggest names in dance music. From their take of the Calvin Harris hit “I Need Your Love” featuring Ellie Goudling to their remix of “If I Lose Myself” from OneRepublic, it seems like everything they touch turns to gold. Plus, I love their name. Did I already say that? I am going to stop talking so I can introduce you to BITPARTY. This has been a long time coming, but I swear… this interview was a blast! Let’s dance, people.

Where did the name come from?

That is a funny story… believe it or not we came up with the name using a random DJ name generator on the Internet. We were just goofing around and thought the name was hilarious, so we decided to run with it.

How did you guys meet?

We met during college orientation. We were in the same program, both lived in the same residence, both partied with the same people and liked the same things. We were always known as the “wild kids” that love EDM at every event we went to, so it was only a matter of time before we got into this scene.

I love your logo. Who designed that?

It was one of my (Igor) close friends that loves to do graphic art and video designs. He was playing around with some designs one day and when we saw that one we fell in love with it right away.

Just watched your aftermovie for your set at Cobra London. It looks like you guys have a lot of fun before a set. Where does all that energy come from?

Definitely; we always have a great time doing what we love. Who wouldn’t, right? Whenever we get up there and see a crowd of people that came out to see us play, it just lights a fire inside of us. The performance aspect of our shows is huge to us, we want to put on a performance that people will not forget. We just let loose, move to the music and influence the crowd to do the same.

BITPARTY at Cobra Official Aftermovie

It seems to be a trend in EDM right now having more than one DJ in the booth. Does it ever get crowded up there?

No, it’s never an issue for us. We’ve known each other for three years now, so there’s a strong chemistry there that we developed. We know our roles and don’t get in each other’s way.

There are a lot of names in the scene. Who are some of your favorites?

Hmmm…. There are a lot of good producers out there but we would have to say some of our favorites would be Dada Life, Steve Aoki, DVBBS and Dillon Francis. They all have fun when they preform and really interact with the crowd.

You guys recently remixed “Blades by Daenine”. When you do a remix, do you need permission from the original artist?

Some remixes, including that one, are royalty free and don’t require permission from the original artist. However, we always contact the original artist out of courtesy.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Nothing super embarrassing has ever really happened to us on stage before… However, one time we got a little too “energetic” behind the booth and knocked our laptop off our stand. Luckily, we were able to pull it back up using the power cable before anything happened to it. The music never stopped playing.

Do you guys have jobs outside of music?

We actually just finished our program at school, so we will likely have to find a job in the near future to help support our music. However, if things keep getting better for us the way they are now we may not need to.

What is the best concert you have ever been to?

For me (Igor), I’d have to say seeing Steve Aoki has been my most influential concert experience. It was my first EDM show ever, and his performance truly blew my mind. His energy and stage presence is unmatched. It showed me that being a “DJ” can be more than just standing behind your decks and mixing songs.

For me (Cody) I would have to say seeing Dada Life play. They are just crazy guys and have a good time when they do stuff. Just like Igor said, it truly opened my eyes to what being a DJ can be.

From Ultra Music Festival to Electric Zoo, there are a lot of big festivals in the United States. Have you been to any of these massive festivals? Have you played any of these festivals?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been to any big festivals yet. That was our biggest regret last year, and we’re making up for it big time this summer. We can’t wait for festival season! As for playing at festivals, I guess you’ll have to wait and find out!

Where do you find inspiration for a new track?

Mostly from listening to as many EDM tracks out there as possible, from various different genres. We try and pull elements from everything together to create something that everyone can come out and rage to.

Armin van Buuren is currently the #1 DJ in the world according to DJ Mag. Do you guys pay much attention to that list?

We check lists such as DJ Mag from time to time, but we usually don’t concern ourselves with them too often. Every well-known artist in EDM is talented in his or her own way and has their own style; we don’t believe ranking them all on the same list is a fair comparison.

I haven’t seen you live… yet. What can fans expect from a live performance?

Good music, good vibes and high energy. We always give it our all when we perform and hope that the energy we convey motivates the crowd to let themselves go and have an experience that they’re not use to seeing at their typical club nights. Hopefully you can make it out to one of our sets soon!

What are you guys drinking on stage?

Gin and tonic/Sprite, every time. No substitutions.

I want a BITPARTY shirt. Where can I get one of those?

We normally order them in large quantities at a time, so most people will have to wait till our next shipment to get our merchandise. But for you, we can work something out!

Describe the perfect party.

A mansion filled with flashing lights, lots of gin on ice and hundreds of young people ready to have the time of their lives!

There are a lot of great nightclubs out there. Do you guys have a favorite club?

So far, our favorite club has been Beta Nightclub in Waterloo. Their light show and sound systems are fantastic! Would definitely love to headline there again someday.

Speaking of Waterloo, you guys are from Waterloo, Canada. It looks like you play a lot of shows in Canada, too. Do you ever make it down to the United States? Have you traveled overseas to play Europe yet?

Unfortunately we have not played an international show quite yet. We have been approached on occasion, but something like that is hard to organize effectively. We want to spread our name in Canada as much as possible before spreading out too far.

You guys have produced a lot of tracks. Is it possible to pick a favorite release?

If we were to pick a favorite, we would definitely say our latest tune “Reckless” would be it. We are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge of music production every day, so in our eyes our latest work is our greatest.

Do you change the setlist based on the venue, or is it pretty much always the same tracks night after night?

Regardless of the venue, we update our setlist on a daily basis. The rate at which quality EDM tunes are coming out is astounding, so we always have to stay on top of the game. Yes, we do occasionally adjust our music based on the venue, but it’s minor. We have a signature sound that we stick to every performance.

How is a mashup different than a remix?

A mashup is a song that is created by using different bits and pieces of several songs together, while a remix is created by taking parts of a single song and adding your own original twist on it. The difference between the two is a common misconception.

What’s next for BITPARTY?

Tons of new music, new shows, product/clothing sponsorships and big announcements for Frosh Week in September. Got lots of tricks rolled up in our sleeves that we can’t wait to unveil!

Thank you guys for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

No need to thank us. We appreciate your help in spreading our name! This is going to be a huge year for us and we can’t begin to thank our fans enough for supporting us through our fight to make a name for ourselves. Until next time, BITPARTY.

OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself (BITPARTY Remix)

Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love feat. Ellie goudling (BITPARTY Remix)

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with BITPARTY

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