Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with John Dahlbäck

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with John Dahlbäck

John Dahlbäck never seizes to amaze me. He is one of the hottest names in dance music right now, and is producing some of the biggest tracks of the summer. When he is not busy producing beats, he is off running a record label. Mutants Records is John’s record label, and they have made a home in London showcasing some talented up and coming talent like the Lunde Bros, Flipmonks, Jimi Frew, and more. If you want to hear a sample of what Mutants is producing, grab a copy of the Mutants Presents for 18 tracks that will have you dancing in your chair. My favorite track is “Every Breath” featuring Janice Robinson. It has been fun watching John over the years, and I was honored to sit with him recently for an exclusive artist interview. In this interview we chat about the new Mutants release, his new website, and more about his new hit single “Cobra.” I have interviewed John several times in the past, but nothing like what I have for you here today. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to John Dahlbäck.

Mutants Records has been quite successful over the years. With that success, the electronic dance music scene has been changing and will continue to change for years to come. How are you adapting to the surge in the U.S. market? What do you have in store for the coming years?

I want to bring out upcoming talent I find and release on the label, and push them as much as I can. There is a lot going on today record wise; so many releases every day, so I want the label to stand out.

There are 18 tracks on the new release. You feature names like Greg Cerrone, Lunde Bros, and Kitsch 2.0. Tell me more about the new release.

It’s basically a showcase of where we are at the moment. All tracks are the most recent ones from these artists on the label. When I listened through the mix, I felt really good about the quality.

You have a few singles on the new release. I like “Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix)” and “Amedei” best. Do you have a favorite track on the new record?

Difficult question! I can’t name a favorite out of the bunch, it would feel wrong to the other artists.

John Dahlbäck & Greg Cerrone feat. Janice Robinson – Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix)

You recently launched a new website. Why the change? You liking the new design? What has been the reaction from fans?

Basically I wanted something simple, like “here’s the music” and “here are my show dates.” Reaction has been good so far.

Festival season is in full swing. Got any big shows you are looking forward to this summer?

I’ve played a lot of good festivals so far this summer. I was recently in Mexico City and I just love the crowd down there; so energetic!

Tell me more about “Cobra.”

I basically just wanted to do a cool club track. The intro was something I was playing out so I decided to build the track around that.

Las Vegas seems to be getting all of the big names. You are starting to show up there more and more. Do you see Sin City as a hub of EDM in the United States?

It’s a key market in the U.S., with all the tourists coming there. It’s a great place to be in, and XS is one of my favorite clubs in the world.

What’s next for John Dahlbäck?

My next single “We Were Gods” is coming out in late August.

John Dahlback – We Were Gods

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