Project 46 Interview

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Project 46

Have you heard of Project 46? Until last week, I had no idea who they were. I saw they were coming to Scottsdale, so I decided to do a little research on them. Before I knew it I was obsessed listening to their music to and from work and buying tickets to see them at Maya Day & Nightclub. I also checked them out online, and found they have quite the following on Facebook and Twitter. These guys are legit, and are making a lot of noise. Literally! They made a lot of noise at Maya and played a great set in preparation for a weekend filled with Zedd and Tiësto. Needless to say, last weekend was big here in the Valley. I was so impressed with Project 46, I requested an interview to learn more about them and their sound. Oh, and where they came up with that name! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Project 46.

You guys were in Scottsdale last weekend. How was the show? Did you guys have fun here in Arizona?

The show was a lot of fun! I mean, it was a pool party. How can you NOT have fun? We also got to spend 2 days off in Scottsdale, which we really enjoyed.

Tell me more about “Motionless” featuring Seri.

“Motionless” was inspired from our collaboration with Soundwell, and it really just went from there. It’s a big room trance track with a great vocal. We went through an insane amount of vocals before we got one we thought was just right. We’re really happy with it.

I’m a BIG fan of Morgan Page. You recently played a show with him in LA. Do you guys get to pick whom you share the stage with, or does your label set all that up for you?

Well Morgan hand picked us to join him on his bus tour. He actually emailed me directly and asked, and of course it was an instant yes!

You guys don’t live in the same neighborhood! How do you stay connected? Isn’t that hard living so far apart?

At first it was challenging being in different time zones and working together online. But now we see each other and are together on the road all the time, so it’s been a lot easier.

You have worked with a lot of records labels including SPINNIN’, Ultra, Monstercat, Manufactured Music and Armada. Is there a reason you have worked with so many different labels? Why not pick just 1?

I think each label offers a different fan base and we tried to really get our music out to as many new people as possible at first. Plus some times some labels don’t feel a song and pass. So it’s not easy to work with just one.

Does it ever get crowded in the DJ booth?

As long as it’s just us 2 it works fine!

Can you explain the pancakes? Do you guys just like breakfast, or what?

It’s just a big troll. I wanted to do a weekly giveaway and call it “Freebie Friday” or something and when Thomas posted it on Facebook he called it “Pancake Friday.” He pretty much told me, “If you’re going to call it something stupid, call it something really stupid.” Once it was posted people seemed to like it, so we went with it.

What is Pancake Radio?

It’s our new weekly podcast. People wanted to hear which tracks and artists we were feeling so we started Pancake Radio. It comes out every Friday and you can download and subscribe here.

There are a lot of big names out there… But who are some of your favorites? What are you listening to when you aren’t producing?

When we are listening to music we’re work mode, learning and seeing what everyone else is putting out. Of course we love it, but when we aren’t working it’s kind of nice to mute the speakers.

Do you guys like playing big festivals or do you prefer the smaller more intimate clubs?

They can both be great! We haven’t played a ton of big festivals so we tend to get super excited about these type of shows. We’ll be playing TomorrowWorld, so we’re getting pretty pumped!

Where does the name Project 46 come from?

It’s nothing really special and we kinda just keep it to ourselves. We might let people know soon, but the fans guesses are honestly a lot more interesting than what it actually means!

What’s next for Project 46?

We are hoping to have a single come out in November that we are finishing up now, then another big collaboration in January. After that I think we are going to focus on an EP then album.

In all of the interview I do I always give the artist the last word. Go.

I think you covered a ton, so just a huge thanks to everyone out there supporting our music and a thank you to you for doing this interview!

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