New York City: The Carlton Hotel

New York City: The Carlton Hotel

I just realized the other blog post I wanted to write was also inspired by alcohol! Do I drink too much?

This article I am reading talks about old historic hotels that have recently been recently renovated and are now some of the hottest hotels in the world. One of the hotels mentioned was The Wigwam. That hotel is located right here in Phoenix, Arizona and offers more than just nice accommodations. They also have several championship golf courses, 2 of which I have played. The hotel first opened in 1929, and is known for its natural beauty, golf courses and the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. The renovation cost an estimated $7 million and was completed back in 2011.

Needless to say, The Wigwam was not my inspiration for this blog post. The Carlton Hotel in New York City was. Sorry, but I have a hard time reading that and not thinking about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This hotel opened back in 1904 on Manhattan Avenue, and was called The Hotel Seville when it first opened. After several renovations, the hotel was named The Carlton in 1987.

What makes this hotel unique are the themed rooms. They offer 5 themed suites at The Carlton, including The Corner Pocket suite. This room has pool tables and décor to mirror that of an old school pool hall. They also offer The New Yorker, The Broadway Diva, and The Terrace suites. From pool tables to old bookcases, these rooms pay tribute to the founding fathers of this hotel. The also pay tribute to life in the Big Apple. Prices for these suites vary, but regardless of where you stay, it won’t be cheap. This is Manhattan, after all!

Let’s go back to what inspired this blog post. As mentioned, some of the rooms in The Carlton are themed. They also have several themed bars and restaurants including Millesime. This bar is named after a famous French figure and they offer up some pretty infamous cocktails including the Coco Chanel. This drink uses pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and Prosecco. (Vodka flavors are all the rage right now. From Fruit Loop flavored vodka to cookies and cream, there is an endless selection of flavors at a liquor store near you.)

According to the chef at The Carlton, this drink pairs well with fresh white fish including raw oysters. They have a seafood bar at Millesime, so it makes sense their signature cocktail pairs well with fresh fish. They have several other signature drinks, but this is the drink that made them famous.

I’ve never stayed at The Carlton Hotel, but the next time I am in NYC I will at least stop in for a drink. I might even order some raw oysters while I am there. Cheers!

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