Foursum Golf - Unlock YOUR Game

Foursum Golf – Unlock YOUR Game

Golf is more social and rewarding with Foursum – a new app for the iPhone;

All-in-one mobile golf app allows users to track scores, analyze play, and connect with friends to compare performances, all from your phone.

Wednesday September 4th, 2013 – 9:00am EST

New Brunswick, Canada; This golf season, the new must-have gadget is your phone. Whether you’re a pro or a regular golf Joe, Foursum, the all-in-one mobile app for golfers, will transform your smartphone into the ultimate golf device to enhance play and add a new element of fun to the classic game.

Founded by three golf junkies, Matt Eldridge, Adam MacDonald, and Louis Melanson a member of Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association, Foursum gives smartphones the power of a high-end GPS Rangefinder. The app itself allows even the most seasoned golfers to gain insight into their performance with advanced statistics and analytics.

Whether it’s helping choose the right club with at-a-glance distances to each hole or hazard or tracking scores; Foursum was designed and built not only to enhance the game of golf, but to improve it.

Derek Ingram, one of the world’s top golf coaches, understands first hand how challenging it can be to help take the game of golf to the next level. “Having Foursum on the golf course is like  having a caddie at your side when you tee off,” explains Ingram. “No matter your level of play – its ability to track your performance and help you recognize strengths and weaknesses in your game is priceless.”

There are over 26 million people who self-identify as regular golfers in the US alone, with 68% maintaining a social network profile. The first true social network for golfers, Foursum makes it easy to invite and follow friends to stay informed of their activities, progress, or milestones and compare performances. With over 26,000 courses to choose from, users can find and play courses quickly by name or geolocation. They can also browse club info, scorecards, and activity from other Foursum members.

“We’re not only debunking the lingering myth that mobile phones don’t belong on the golf course, we’re helping to grow one of the most popular games in the world,” explains CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Eldridge. “Foursum adds new layers of insight, amusement, competition and reward to the game. We really want to bring on the next generation to the game of golf.”

Launching today, Foursum is now available for a free download at

Quick Facts:

Company: Foursum


President / Co-Founder: Matt Eldridge
Technical Lead / Co-Founder: Adam MacDonald (@amacdonald)
PGA of Canada / Co-Founder: Louis Melanson (@louismelanson)

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Bryan Cromlish
Phone: 506.962.1808