Tiger Woods hits ball from Asia to Europe

Tiger Woods hits ball from Asia to Europe

Tiger Woods recently hit a golf ball a REALLY long way. He his a ball from Asia to Europe. He hit a ball on the Bosphorus Bridge that links Europe and Asia in Istanbul. I am not sure that was the best idea… Trusting Tiger with a driver on the highway. Tiger can barely hit fairways as it is! But this was a really cool promotional event and the video is sick. Tiger is over there for the Turkish Airlines Open and needed permission to close down 3 lanes on the Bosphorus Bridge for this stunt.

For his tee shot, Woods stood on a makeshift tee and hit the ball… Well, from 1 continent to another. I am actually surprised that no one has done this. I am just glad that Tiger was able to get some press for it.

“I have really enjoyed my visit to Istanbul and to see the Bosphorus for the first time was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.”

I don’t really care about the golf tournament… But this was a “fun” way to spend the afternoon for Woods. The bridge spans the Bosphorus River and measures 5,118 feet and is some 210 feet above the water. FORE!

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