Doug Briney Interview

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Doug Briney

Michael Stover is probably getting sick of me! I have been working with him for a few months now, and have interviewed almost every artist he works with. From Western Avenue to Josey Milner, Michael works with a wide range of musicians. I really enjoyed the interview I did with Jiggley Jones. I just LOVE that name! They have all been great, but I think we are running out of artists. Then he introduced me to Doug Briney. Being from Indiana, I can appreciate good country music. That is exactly what this is. Doug has a great voice, can really jam on a guitar, and just looks like a man that has a few stories up his sleeve. This interview was a lot of fun, and I can’t thank Michael for introducing me to so much great new music. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Doug Briney.

You won an Independent Country Music Association award. Tell me more about that experience.

It was a real honor. I found out via an email from my manager and was truly blown away. I told my wife and kids then I think the next thing I did was to call my manager to find out more.

There are a lot of great country music bands out there. From the Rascal Flatts to the Zac Brown Band, I just love country music. Who are some of your favorite country musicians?

My favorite to listen to and watch perform is Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Ronnie Dunn and Vince Gill are all way up on my list.

Tell me about your new album.

Super Country Cowboy is the name of the new album. I’m super excited about it. There are nine songs on the album and I think it covers a range of emotion and style, from diving, reflective, traditional and almost gospel. The title track really is a kind of autobiographical sketch of who I am. But each song on the album has special meaning to me and I hope that comes through as folks listen.

I haven’t seen you live, but what can fans expect from a live performance?

I love to interact with my audiences. I like to be there early so I can mingle with folks ahead of the concerts and hear from them what they are expecting. I like to share why I chose the songs and give a little background on them and my life as well.

Tell me about your relationship with Tate Music Group.

Tate Music Group has been fantastic to work with. From the initial contact with them, production, recording, the photographer and promotions team, they have all been fantastic. I have been very please with every step along the way. They have done a good job of communicating the process and keeping me informed of what they are doing that I can’t see.

How do you know Michael Stover?

Michael is my manager. I found Michael through the Independent Country Music Association. A few phone calls and emails later and MTS Management was handling all my promotion and publicity. I was so pleased with what he had accomplished that I asked him to manage my career.

You live in Nashville? Jealous! What are some of your favorite places to hang out?

I love hanging out on MusicRow. My favorite place is outside Studio B at the picnic table. I like to play and write there. Dan McGuiness is another great spot I enjoy playing at. I work at a coffee shop in Old Hickory called Jacob’s Well, I really enjoy hanging out there when I’m not working as well.

“Unknown Soldier” is an emotional song. Where did you get the inspiration for that release?

I was looking for a song to honor our military and although I had listened to several songs none of them really connected with me.  Michael sent me that one with a note saying, he really liked this one. I listened a couple times and emailed him back right away and told him that was it. The inspiration comes from a deep appreciation for our men and women who serve, “Unknown Soldier” really honors all those who gave their all for our country.

What is your songwriting process like? Do you sit down to write a new single, or does it just come to you?

Again, I like to hang out on MusicRow and hash out what I’m writing. I usually get an idea and start there, then I write out a story and then for me the hard part is cutting all the parts out that don’t need to be there. Usually a melody is formed in my mind while the lyrics are taking shape.

Have you ever recorded a cover?

Yes, my first album had 4 well known covers and on Super Country Cowboy, I covered the Brooks and Dunn song, “Believe.” Technically all the songs I’ve recorded are covers as I didn’t write any of them. I purchased the writes to record them.

You joined Facebook on 11/11/11. I just find that interesting! Anyway, you have seen a lot of success on Facebook. What other social media sites are you using?

(Laughs.) I didn’t realize that. I use ReverbNation, Twitter, Nashville Universe and even have a Myspace page.

What is the best concert you have ever been to?

That’s hard! There are a few that really stand out to me. The first concert I ever went to was Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, that concert still stands out in my mind. I went to a Ricky Skaggs concert in Anchorage about 10 years ago that blew me away. Then I think I’d have to add Montgomery Gentry as well. Each was unique and special for me.

You had a pretty big show with Katlyn Lowe recently. How do you know her? Tell me more about that event and how the show was.

Katlyn is a good friend that I met through Nashville Universe. My first show here in Nashville was through Nashville Universe and Katlyn was also a performer there. We became friends. The event was a showcase and CD release party. We had a great time! My band and I opened to a nice full house and played all the songs off the new album. VRadio Nashville did a live broadcast of the event and all in all the party was a blast. My aunt and cousin surprised me by driving all the way down from Illinois and arrived with my mom. Great fun, the band was great and the crowd had a blast.

Have you ever made a mistake on stage?

(Laughs.) Are you kidding? I’ve forgot lyrics, played the wrong song and tried to sing the right lyrics, thanked the band by name and got a name wrong even when I knew the player longer then any one else on stage. I think anyone who says they have never made a mistake on stage simply hasn’t played on a stage.

I would like to buy you a drink. What’ll you have?

I’m very simple. I like water or coffee. On very rare occasion I might have a hard cider, but water is my drink of choice.

Most bands sell merchandise… From shirts and hats to posters and records. You sell all that, but you also sell Alaskan Cowboy belt buckles. That might be the most unique merchandise I have seen to date! What’s with the belt buckles?

Exotic Stainless Steel Belt Buckles and I have a partnership. I designed a buckle and they made it for me. The only way to get the “Alaskan Cowboy” buckle is through my website or at one of my concerts. I think they are a great item and I’m proud to have them as a endorser of my music.

Tell me about your relationship with CBM Records.

CBM Records and I got involved together on my first album “It’s All Country.” They are handling all the digital distribution for me. They’ve done a good job for me and again I’m proud to have them in my corner.

You do a lot of charity work. Tell me more about your favorite charities and how you are making a difference.

My favorite charities have to do with our Veterans. Anything I can do to help bring awareness, support and care for our men and women who have served, I’m all over it. I wish I could tell you a specific story of a difference I’ve made, but it really isn’t about that it is about caring for them and doing what I can. At this point in my career, I don’t have a lot to offer other then my support and love, but we’ve raise a few dollars and I’m happy I’ve been able to do that. I hope in the future to have the resources to really make a significant difference.

What’s next for Doug Briney?

Next for me is touring… A lot of touring. I am working right now on putting together the details.

Thank you so much for doing this. It was an honor meeting and speaking with you, sir. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Thank you. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share a little of what’s happening. I want to say thank you to the fans for their support and encouragement.

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