America's Most Hated Foods

Let’s Eat: America’s Most Hated Foods

Earlier this week, my buddy Vince posted a link on Facebook. It was an article on America’s most hated foods. I like food, so I went through the list and responded listing all of the food that I not only eat, but also tend to enjoy. His page is private, but I was able to take a screenshot of that conversation. Here is the original post on Facebook:

Most Hated Foods

As you can see, I liked a lot of the foods listed. How can you NOT like bleu cheese? Or is it blue cheese? I never understood the difference. There are some really gross foods on the list, like pea soup and beets… But I LOVE maple syrup and could eat olives all day long. I just found the article really interesting and had to share this with you.

Here is the complete list:

Are you hungry yet? After looking at the list, what do you think? Let’s eat!

Source: List Challenges