Sean Tyas Interview

TYTANIUM: Interview with Sean Tyas

I rarely interview the same artist twice, but I have a hard time saying no. Especially when the artist emails me directly asking for another interview. I guess he was happy with the first one, so I decided to do it again! This time I wanted to share the interview on Relentless Beats. I figured I would also share it here. Sean has been busy, and rather than relax over the holidays, will be releasing a new single. We also talked about his NYE plans. This guy just continues to impress me, and it has been fun watching him and working with him over the years. It is always great catching up with him, and I am glad that I can help promote his new release. Say hello to Sean Tyas.

Christmas is right around the corner. What made you decide to release a new single right before the holidays?

Why not? I always hate to sit on tracks and wait for a certain date so I figured I’d just drop it then. I really am super proud of this one, and it was just too tempting to wait on.

Are you going to be playing that new single anywhere on NYE this year?

I was supposed to be heading over to India, but it ended up falling through last week, so for the first time in 6 years I’ll be spending NYE with my family. It’s still pretty awesome anyway, as my family form NY will also be over here visiting. Plus, I might be spending NYE with the fans. Stay tuned!

Speaking of Christmas, what is on your Christmas wish list?

Oh, I already got my whole list, the new Mini iPad Retina. I love that damn thing.

Tell me more about “Now You See.”

I finally got to channel out a big part of my inspiration over the past couple of months and new techniques I’ve been dying to use. It’s a track that I really look forward to playing each and every time on stage. That shows me I really got things right, at least to me, and I hope the fans do, too.

Sean Tyas – Now You See (Preview)

“Lose My Logic” is also another big release for you. Where does all this new music come from? Tell me more about that single.

Well, it was the first time I have worked with Noah Neiman, and this also marks the first time I have had Fisher sing on a release. I think you can hear the input of Noah and I very clearly in the project. The whole project came out really sweet; it turned out to be a huge hit single for each of us, so it’s definitely something to be proud of.

Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman with Fisher – Lose My Logic

You are doing a show with Emma Hewitt in a few weeks at Stereo Live. I wish I could be there! How long have you known Emma and do you have anything special planned for that performance?

That’s not the only city, more to be announced soon! I’m excited for that weekend. It’s still too early for any planning. I actually did a Malaysian tour with Emma and her brother Anthony who tour manages her a couple months back and it was just amazing. They are so professional and have it all together, not to mention they are the most delightful people. We all got along very well, so we vowed to do more team-ups on tour, especially in USA!

Tell me more about your relationship with one3twoPR.

Carlos at one3twoPR is my publicist and has now become my manager in the last couple of months. He’s been nailing it, and we’ve got some big announcements coming when the new year rolls around. He pushes me and never settles for less than 110%, in fact I have whip scars on my back to prove it.

It has been a while, but I always enjoy our time together. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Been a while since the last time we caught up, Ricky, but hopefully I can catch you again the next time I am in Arizona! Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. Happy holidays, and I really hope you enjoy the new single, out next Monday on Tytanium Rec!

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